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Dear Delegates, Do Not Fall For Any Candidate's Deception: His Mind Game Politicking Is Well Known To Ghanaians

Dear Delegates, Do Not Fall For Any Candidate's Deception: His Mind Game Politicking Is Well Known To Ghanaians

The date for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential primary is far approaching and an aspirant and his supporters are trying to be smarter than the delegates. They seem to play mind game in a way of promoting hatred of delegates against the very party and government they are part and parcel of. Such a candidate is an appointee of the same government that he is demonizing now. He and his family have benefited a lot from that same government he continues to chastise on daily basis. Interestingly, it is the party that has produced the same government he has enjoyed over the years and now chastising that he seeks to represent in the 2024 general elections as presidential candidate. But, the question is, does he have the moral right to engage in such politics? Or is it the case that he knows he cannot win the election but decides to chart a path of destruction?

Initially, that candidate's tactics were preaching hatred of delegates against the government he and his family have hugely benefited from through appointments and contracts. It is evident and undeniable fact that he and his family have cashed in millions of Ghana Cedis if not millions of Dollars from this government. So, what people should be asking him is that, at the time he was busy cashing in from this government, didn't he know the grassroots and the delegates were suffering? Has he suddenly woken up from a deep sleep? Anyway, it seems that tactic is not working for him any longer, hence, the consistent change of tactics that are largely mind game in nature.

In my candid view, the delegates should know that, so far as the NPP presidential primary is concerned, the best out of the four is not a candidate who has satisfactorily drunk water from a pot and turned around to dirty the same water he has drunk to his satisfaction. What our dear delegates should also know is that, such a candidate only mean well for himself and his family but careless about others. Simply put, do not give your attentions and votes to a candidate who prefers to dirty the water after drinking to his satisfaction because such a person does not care about who are yet to drink. The behavior of such a candidate shows that the party should go into opposition if he is not the person to lead the party in the incoming general elections and he careless after all, he and his family have had enough of the 'goodies' from the Nana/Bawumia government.

Another strategy he has found of late is to play with the minds of the delegates by causing disaffection between the delegates and their constituency chairmen. How does he do it? He tells them that their constituency chairmen received huge sums of money and other items from a particular candidate, just to anger them to vote for him instead of their preferred candidate. Will this strategy work for him? I believe absolutely no, because the chairmen are alive and have vehemently denied that and some even confronted such a candidate. Are they his usual tactics to get what he wants? Absolutely yes. Our respected delegates, just know who he is and vote for your preferred candidate for "that is his nature, rain hasn't beaten him" (local adage).

In any case, was he not the very person who said he was going to use money to win the primaries? Has his money suddenly disappeared? Or as usual his mind game tactics are at play? I believe so, because he has bought cars for some constituency chairmen. Don't they have followers? Should those followers vote against him, after all, the cars are for those chairmen not the delegates? The delegates reason beyond these rhetorics and theatrics. How do you engage in an act and turn around to accuse others of same act? The delegates know who can win power for NPP and will not fall for any deception by any candidate.

I am reliably informed that, in the last superdelegates conference, the mind game politician offered to give some delegates Ghs150,000 each if they agreed to vote for him and they declined and told him point blank that their minds were made up for *H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia* . Kodus to the delegates who believed in Dr. Bawumia, rejected the inducement from that candidate and gave Dr. Bawumia overwhelming endorsement in the superdelegates conference. He is a kind of candidate who thinks he must always get his way through, else, the whole world should collapse. He has realized that our respected delegates have unalloyed love for Dr. Bawumia and are ready to give him massive endorsement on November 4, hence, this recent mind game politicking.

Our dear delegates, do not be deceived by any candidate, for he has tried all that he is accusing people of doing but failed. He has benefited hugely from this government but bothered not to give the empowerment he is now falsely crying with you for. The main focus now for him is to get unlimited power and then let us know he is the richest man in the world. Ebi somebody riches we go chop? Kindly get his tactics right and let him know you reason beyond the politics of mind game. Let him know you have decided to give your votes to Dr. Bawumia to lead NPP to break the eight.

Dr. Bawumia, No. 2 on the ballot, second victory loading on November 4

It is possible In Shaa Allah

Thank you

Alhaji Salifu Hadara

A Patriot

Nalerigu Gambaga / Constituency

North East Region

[email protected]