We deliberately need new character rebuilding to drive nation building - AYAC founder

General News We deliberately need new character rebuilding to drive nation building - AYAC founder
OCT 24, 2023 LISTEN

Asaase Yaa Awakening Center (AYAC) successfully completed the second edition of the AYAC Global Tour Conference held in Accra.

The triumvirate conference which started in Kumasi on September 16, 2023, moved to Accra and ended on Sunday, 22nd October, 2023 with a call on Ghanaians to begin processes aimed at character rebuilding.

In a packed GNAT Hall at Adabraka in Accra, the audience were thrilled by the insights shared by the founder of AYAC, Evelyn Warlson Annan regarding the slave mentality that has held Africans back for centuries.

Speaking on the theme "Taking The Slave Out of The Slave Bible", Mama Warlson emphasised the need for all Africans to as a matter of necessity begin to reawaken their consciousness to realize that what has been written in the bible about Africans is a misrepresentation of who they are.

"The craft of intimidation, manipulation and domineering is something we all adopt from our childhood. As we grow and with this programming, we don't focus on character building. As such the character that we need to develop and nurture within us which is geared towards helping each other becomes missing," she explained.

With reference to Africans lacking the character of nation building, she added, "We tend to assume everyone that ascends a public office as corrupt because people don't build the right character from infancy, the same craft of domineering, intimidation and manipulation that was developed becomes the same craft such individuals employ to the detriment of the public but, his personal good."

She therefore, avered that the time has come for Africans to begin building new foundations geared towards nation building.

"We're crying out for character rebuilding in everybody so that you don't manipulate your way, you don't intimidate people to get what you want. So, when that happens, when people occupy positions they would use same to help their communities, the nation and the African continent as a whole," she added.

The third edition of the AYAC Global Tour is slated to take place in Takoradi to complete the first phase of the triumvirate awakening conferences.

DC Kwame Kwakye
DC Kwame Kwakye

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