Democracy is failing Africa

Feature Article Democracy is failing Africa
OCT 9, 2023 LISTEN

"Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried..." Winston Churchill

Democracy is squarely to blame for Africa's failure to improve the living conditions of its people many years after independence.

Although almost every country in Africa practices some form of democracy, they don't believe in it. Aricans don't have the relevant democratic institutions to aid democratic practice. Even where the institutions exist, they lack the men clothed with expertise, impartiality and the authority required to superintend it. And the situation is not about to change soon. Not in our lifetime.

Truth be told, democracy is no guarantee of economic prosperity for any nation. At best, it envisages a rotational power sharing regime, motivational and comforting enough to persuade politicians to wait for their turn to loot. Nothing more!

Although the practice is fraught with problems everywhere, those problems are more pronounced in Africa because of our peculiarly high poverty levels which make political contest a do or die episode for contestants. And why not, when to most people, it is the quickest route to economic freedom?

By democracy, brothers turn against brothers, and sisters against their kith and kin in order to gain political advantage.

By democracy, our best men surrender to political corruption, while the worse of them perish in democratic dictatorship.

Politicians must tell many lies to cling to power. They rule by deceit. Bob Marley said they "deceive the people continually." They can't look at truth in the eye!

The mansions, hotels, businesses and secret villas in the countryside belong to politicians, their children and people in their clandestine caucus.

The names of rich politicians are etched in gold over all the fair ladies of the land, who they set aside for backroom pleasure and bouts of private entertainment.

But here is the worst part. Anyone not in their fold is excluded from all democratic privileges. Never having enough, such people must embark on strikes and demonstrations for minimum upgrade in their meager wages.

Such is the fate of our distinguished scholars, university lecturers, doctors, civil servants and anyone who has no democracy card.

They tell us the "battle belongs to the Lord," and quote sacred religious passages to hoodwink us. But don't be deceived by their religious metaphors, for they take their power from demons in the waters and pay homage to spirits from distant shores in order to secure their thrones.

They bury live animals at obscure junctions in the middle of the night and thus become impervious to the cry of the poor because they exchange their conscience, their very souls for political power.

Have you heard about their doctrine of winner takes all? That's the science that impoverishes everyone except the winner. It is an empire of greed --- the indelible mark of the political beast.

In this empire, the beast fattens itself on the blood of the masses. They propound intelligent theories and dictums that make them owners of the people's wealth. But their concepts are hollow and largely unattainable. Poverty, disease and death goes before them -- democracy's everlasting heritage.

Shall we work the maths? Let's calculate the amount of money each government has accrued to the national debt since independence. Let us list all the scandals, loots, properties they have captured and distributed among themselves, resources they have sold and given to other nations and foreign conglomerates for personal lifetime security and see how democracy has diminished our heritage. No one adds anything to our reserves. They only deplete it and mortgage our destiny democracratically.

Thanks to democracy, after 66 years of independence, our hospitals turn the aged away for lack of beds while women and children die because we are too poor to buy dialysis machines to save lives. It is an empire of evil, discrimination and hopelessness.

Yet, we pour hundreds of millions of dollars into elections every year to pepertuate a failed system that elects new greedy political elites to take their turn to plunder, pillage and fleece this country into a waste land.

Is this the system we trust with the future of our children and their children's children? Democracy in its current state is a huge hoax. Fake news. It can't guarantee good governance in any shape or form now or in the future.

It promises an imaginary land somewhere beyond the river, a land flowing with milk and honey but it has no idea how to get there. Only the politicians believe in her, for to them belong her golden eggs.

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