Ashaiman: Officer rushed to hospital after protesters pelted police officers with stones

  Tue, 03 Oct 2023
Social News Ashaiman: Officer rushed to hospital after protesters pelted police officers with stones

In what initially began as a peaceful protest, the Fix Our Roads demonstration in Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region on Tuesday, October 3 turned into chaos.

This was after protesters pelted police with stones in the course of their march.

It is unclear what triggered the action.
But one of the protesters was picked up while a police officer was severely injured.

The officer has since been rushed to the Ashaiman Hospital for medical care, Media General‘s Joseph Armstrong Gold-Alorgbey reports.

The demonstration, which is led by Concern Citizens of Ashaiman, began at the Court Junction, near the Church of Pentecost.

The participants are protesting the bad roads in Ashaiman, one of the populated towns in the Region.

A placard held by one of the protesters read: ‘155km of roads in Ashaiman has not seen drain construction nor pavement’.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashaiman Ernest Henry Norgbey joined the demonstrators.

He said central government has turned a deaf ear to their calls for better roads and that is not only him but the district chief executive (DCE) is joining the demonstration.

“The demonstration today was not intended against Ernest Norgbey or the Chief Executive of Ashaiman,” he addressed journalists.

“It is concerned youth of Ashaiman who are organising demonstration for the bad nature of our roads. It is not in any way targeting any individual in authority in Ashaiman especially the Chief Executive.”

He later added: “As a youth activist, whatever my people are doing, it is my duty to support them.

“We all ply the road. . .myself and the Chief Executive, we have fought to draw the government’s attention to the bad nature of our roads. We attended meetings together on our roads.

“But unfortunately the central government refused to heed to our plight.”