Bawumia Wants To Be President, How Many Toilets Did That Habitual-Liar Build For Ghanaians?

Feature Article Bawumia Wants To Be President, How Many Toilets Did That Habitual-Liar Build For Ghanaians?

Everything in Africa is bad, including politics, and to me, if as Africans we want our country to develop and be a worthy place on earth, we need to obstruct unwholesome politics or political issues many developing nations will not accept, let alone the developed ones. Without beating about the bush, I need to state emphatically that Bawumia and Kyerematen are not qualified to represent the NPP presidential candidates. Ghana should avoid being laughed at because the mockery is too much.

I have said over and over that apart from widespread corruption and incompetence which led to the fall of the NPP government and the nation’s economy, the NPP government works for itself to seek its survival as a political party. They, therefore, do everything by their own decisions whether that opinion or policy is good for the government or not. If they work for the people, they will depend on the voice of the people to make the right choices and decisions for them.


If Ghanaians elect Bawumia as president, they will regrettably expose themselves to even greater suffering and potential hunger threats. To save a fragile economy, an economist mustn't print new currencies to add to circulation. That’s exactly what Bawumia did, Ghanaians must avoid him because he is not a sincere person.

It is not because Mahamudu Bawumia is the vice president; therefore, he is the right person to stand on the platform of the NPP as their presidential candidate. Even though he is the vice president, Bawumia should be evaluated before the entire nation if he is qualified to be a president because, in my opinion, he is a walking political disaster who contributed to the rapid fall and failure of this government. How can the country depend on someone who is part of a destructive government as president?

Go to the archives and look at all Joel Savage's articles on the NPP and everyone will agree that everything I wrote about the party and warned Ghanaians to be careful, has already happened; I am happy to say that I am the most hated writer on the ModernGhana platform. I have written so much about how the NPP's mismanagement has affected people that I now like to make comments that I also consider influential. Before any Ghanaian dreams of voting for the NPP or Bawumia, it is best to read this article to understand the damage they have caused.

Since hate, oppression, threats, intimidation, and even assassination, have existed among people for ages, therefore; it shouldn't be a problem to prevent someone from engaging in their preferred activity. Since I enjoy writing, I will keep doing it despite all the hostilities everywhere around me. If what I write is not the truth, they will not bother to put me in their mind or hate me, so I must consider myself lucky to be someone’s enemy. The harm has been serious and the pervasive corruption has put an end to everything in a country with significant resources, Bawumia is not the right person as president.

Amid food shortages, rampant corruption, a drop in both domestic and foreign investment, and the collapse of the economy, Bawumia is one of the members of this government that has plunderously emptied the state, turning Ghana into a beggar country. Therefore, if such a man who conspired with the governor of the Bank of Ghana, to print money, aspires to be president, why should Ghanaians entertain him? I don't know what Ghanaians believe, but if they believe that because Ghana is an African nation, any absurdity will be accepted, then; we still have a long way to go.

Bawumia's main motivation for seeking the presidency is not to prove his intelligence; because he has none to prove. He wants to conceal the wrongdoings of his government and prevent Ghanaians from knowing about the extensive corruption that it has fostered. This government can’t continue in office since it has failed and irreparably damaged the nation. The truth is that John Mahama is the best president since Kwame Nkrumah in terms of developments, and more importantly, he is still able to serve four years, so I don’t understand the stupid questions about why he wants to be president again.

These are some of Bawumia’s statements that question Bawumia’s integrity in becoming president

Speaking about the government, Bawumia stated in June 2019 that "the administration of Nana Akufo Addo has, in just two and half years of being in office, introduced systems and institutions designed to reduce human interface in service delivery, while significantly increasing the resources available to anti-corruption agencies in an all-out effort to cut out waste and eliminate opportunities for corrupt practices." – news reference from ModernGhana. What impact has his government's corruption had on Ghana today? Every business and investment has collapsed.

Bawumia believes that lying for his political purposes will make him the best candidate for president, but he is unaware that the way he is portraying himself to Ghanaians is the same way he will act if elected. There is no need to mention all of Bawumia's lies because Ghanaians are fully aware of them, but one of his recent statements that startled me was that the government was getting ready to offer electric cars for Tro-tro. Does Bawumia know how much a single electric vehicle costs in the US or Europe to provide them for Tro-tro? Why do Ghanaians let others make fun of them?

When a white man or political analyst hears what Bawumia said about Mahama, considering his desire to become president, and considers the current political and economic disaster under his leadership as vice president, it makes them wonder whether Ghanaians are intelligent or just simpletons. Imagine the struggles Ghanaians are facing as a result of the high customs duties that are causing businesses to collapse in front of their eyes while at the same time providing many vehicles for political campaigns at a cost of billions.

Ghanaians need to take these issues a little more seriously because failing to do so will result in a political catastrophe far worse than what we are currently seeing. Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Bawumia, known best for corruption, are to blame for the majority of Ghanaians living in abject poverty today. Incompetence and corruption are the root causes of hunger on the continent; hence Ghanaians should demonstrate their intelligence to avoid voting for Bawumia since he is only a comedian.