The Airbus Scandal: Why Ernest Owusu Bempah Is Publicly Advertizing His Ignorance

Feature Article The Airbus Scandal: Why Ernest Owusu Bempah Is Publicly Advertizing His Ignorance
SEP 28, 2023 LISTEN

Recently, President Nana Akufo Addo made an indirect statement about an alleged Airbus corruption scandal that took place when John Mahama was the president. Even though the president avoided naming names, it is well known that he asked Kissi Agyebeng, the Special Prosecutor, to look into the John Mahama-related Airbus affair. I wasn’t happy about the president’s request, therefore; I objected to the president's request for a reason, Ghanaians are not as stupid as Akufo Addo believed.

Even though many Ghanaians, including NPP politicians, hate this writer, I don't act without a reason, and I don't just write for people to read; instead, I prefer to deal with articles that highlight Ghana's problems, which many people, including the president and leaders of churches and religious organizations, pretend are unimportant. Just two days after Akufo Addo made that request, Ernest Owusu Bempah, another NPP politician, also asked the Special Prosecutor to look into the Airbus affair.


The NPP has failed, starting with their leader Akufo Addo, because many of their politicians, including Ernest Owusu Bempah, are not academically and diplomatically clever.

No matter how important or minor the issue, crime is always a crime, so both Akufo Addo and Ernest Owusu Bempah shouldn't ignore the crimes the president has committed, including the theft of COVID funds, conspiring with the governor of the Central Bank of Ghana to print new currencies without the approval of parliament, the president's involvement in illegal mining, and Akufo Addo's exposure by the international news Aljazeera about his involvement in illegal gold activities.
Mahama is not a cousin of mine or someone I have previously met; I just recognized him as a former leader of Ghana who, despite being the target of tribalism, hatred, and insults like being incompetent and being accused of corruption, has built several projects across the country. Even though he never received such credit in a nation where tribalism is valued more highly than development, many people think he is the second most influential person in terms of development after Kwame Nkrumah.

The first thing Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP politicians, including Ernest Owusu Bempah, should have done is if they believed Mahama had been implicated in the Airbus corruption issue and needed to be investigated and punished, then the law must work. The president should have had the greatest incentive to bring charges against Mahama since he had pledged to battle against corruption that had never existed in Ghana before but having been in office for nearly seven years, he had not done so.

As one people and one country, Ghanaians need to know why Ernest Owusu Bempah and Akufo Addo want to prosecute Mahama. The simple explanation is that both Akufo Addo and Owusu Bempah are aware of the NPP government's failures, their inability to protect the public purse as promised, and their loss of the public's trust and confidence. As a result, they are now seeking the support of those whom they perceive as fools in their campaign against John Mahama.

Even though many Ghanaians, including NPP politicians, are aware that Akufo Addo is the one who has destroyed the NPP party, no one is interested in discussing the president's misdeeds because they don't want to be labeled traitors. The president may think he is brilliant, but I don't think so; I just think of him as crafty because if he were intelligent, he wouldn't destroy a whole hospital building that served the La-Teshie-Nungua towns when he knows there isn't money to build one.

Ernest Owusu-Bempah claims that the reason for his anti-Mahama protest is the corruption issue involving Airbus. How sane is this man to expect Ghanaians who have already had enough of the NPP government and have taken part in anti-President Akufo Addo protests over hardships and widespread corruption that have gripped Ghanaians, to come out in support of him? That’s why I am saying that Ernest Owusu Bempah is rather advertising his ignorance because only stupid tribal bigots will respond.