Regime Change Shenanigans (2)

Editorial Regime Change Shenanigans 2
SEP 27, 2023 LISTEN

Vormawor holds dual citizenship and stays here to shout hoarse. He should tell the youth what it takes to offer public service and the so-called celebrities must also be ready for scrutiny. They see such platforms as a means to gain popularity. God forbid should our country go up in flames, Vormawor will pick his passport and head for UK.

The youth who see him as a saviour should ask themselves whether they will be welcomed at the high commission.

We know of the hardships but it requires collective action to navigate the challenges but not name calling. Those who think they have had enough of the NPP government should not jump the gun. They should either join existing political parties, possibly NDC, as that is their “home” and canvas their messages before the people during next year’s elections.

We recommend them for tutorials from Julius Malema of South Africa who after years of agitation of criticisms of the ANC-led government formed his own party to contest elections. Despite winning some seats, the people continue to entrust their destiny into the hands of the ANC, telling Malema “not yet Uhuru.”

Forming a political party, nurturing it and winning supporters nationwide and campaigning for votes is not a child’s play let alone to win power. It is not as easy as rhetoric as well as dancing in the rain in front of the 37 Military Hospital.

We will begin to make personal records of those who seek national leadership to see whether based on that record they are fit to lead the country. There are people in this country who for all they know doing best is to jump from one media house to the other propounding virtually same fit solutions to our problems, making them jack of all trades master of none.

There are other groups of politicians who are looking for opportunities to join any demonstration so long as the NPP government is targeted, rendering them serial demonstrators or mercenary demonstrators who will join Togolese nationals to protest against their government.

We call on Ghanaians to be more discerning but not gullible so that they can reject these disappointed and failed politicians who want to exploit their vulnerability for personal gain. When those in opposition shout “wolf wolf” when the police want them to do the right thing, then we must know that these demonstrators want to seek public sympathy for their sectarian cause.

When the police stopped similar demonstrators in the past and unleashed terror on them, were they instructed by John Mahama to do so? Here a few demonstrations that turned violent in the past will provide further elucidation on this subject. It only shows a misinterpretation of the laws of the country. Every demonstration has security implications as the actions of the demonstrators impact on other members of the public.

And that is why the police come in to regulate it such that the right of the people to demonstrate does not infringe on the right of others who have other rights to exercise on the day of the protest, like the use of the road.

Has any of the people screaming on top their voices about high handedness of the police thought about a situation where any person or group of persons just gets up and demonstrate without recourse to the police? There will be a state of nature, anarchy where those who are strong will take control of the streets.

The constitutional provision on the right to assembly and the Public Order Act are very unambiguous about the rights of protesters and other citizens in so far as they relate to public order, security and safety. The right to free assembly does not give citizens the right to block the road for three days, denying others the right to use the road.

The inconvenience that these handful demonstrators caused did not matter to some opposition politicians and media houses such as Joy News and TV3, who for the period devoted hours of airtime to report on what we think for now was an illegality.

Source: Daily Guide