The Money Of Chairman Wontumi Can’t Change His Illiteracy To A Scholar, He Has Deepens NPP’s Crisis, Not Kyerematen

Feature Article The Money Of Chairman Wontumi Can’t Change His Illiteracy To A Scholar, He Has Deepens NPP’s Crisis, Not Kyerematen

Everyone is aware that the NPP is in a serious crisis as a result of Alan Kyerematen's resignation; however, if Bernard Antwi Bosiako, alias Chairman Wontumi, hadn't attacked Kyerematen and made derogatory remarks about him, the situation may not have escalated to the point where Kyerematen will threaten to leak party secrets. Nobody but Mr. Bosiako should take the blame if the NPP splits or is destroyed as a political party, not Kyerematen.

An illiterate like Antwi Bosiako lacks the knowledge necessary to solve issues. Everyone is aware of how he utilizes money to get anything he wants, but he has never attempted to use intelligence to improve his situation. Bosiako's assertion that he is worth $10 billion is, therefore, not surprising considering the underdevelopment of the Ashanti Region, where he is the regional chairman of the party. Mahama is responsible for most of the developments in his area, yet; he has been attacking him.


The NPP has suffered greatly as a result of Bernard Antwi Bosiako's illiteracy, furthering its dilemma.

No matter how wealthy a person may be, their actions, words, and behavior will always show that they are illiterate. In the case of Bernard Antwi Bosiako, the NPP's chairman for the Ashanti region who is also known as "Chairman Wontumi," this is true. Since anyone uneducated can run for office in Ghana, this has made it possible for Wontumi, however; his lack of manners, statements, and disrespect for Ghanaians and the country's environment, continue to expose his ignorance and illiteracy.
Bosiako and President Akufo Addo are both responsible for the illegal mining that has led to the pollution of many of Ghana's major rivers, including the Pra River. If the law in Ghana weren't as weak and corrupt as the judges themselves, they would have been in prison long ago. The president will not immediately come to Akonta Mining Company Limited's defense and assert that the company is not involved in unlawful mining if Akufo Addo and Boasiako are not partners in illegal mining.

Bosiako would not allow Ghanaians to live in peace as he constantly flaunted his fortune, claiming to be worth US$10 billion. He also stated that he is interested in purchasing the Chelsea football team but Mahama, not Wutumi, built the majority of the projects in the Ashanti Region. No one can understand how his riches impact development since he doesn't understand finances. What he enjoys most is using bribes to ensure that the NDC loses all of its in the Ashanti region to the NPP, despite his party being the worst in Ghana’s political history.

Akufo Addo lacks respect for the underprivileged Ghanaians in addition to being incompetent. A leader that cares about and respects the people will at least hear what they have to say. After the failure of the banking institutions and the implementation of the fake E-Levy into the system, he destroyed every person's business, even small-scale enterprises across the entire nation. Even though the World Health Organization has declared COVID to no longer be a threat, Ghanaians continue to pay COVID-19 tax.

For a government to steal a significant portion of the COVID funds granted to the NPP administration by the World Bank and other organizations, while Ghanaians are paying COVID tax is the height of wickedness. The foundation of the party has already been eroded by all of these problems, but Akufo Addo's disregard for people has been a big problem he can't manage that has now gone too far for Alan Kyerematen to claim victimhood. Politicians from the NPP should not hold Kyerematen responsible for the issue if they cannot place the blame on Akufo Addo.

Since a crisis calls for diplomatic solutions rather than outrage, Chairman Wontumi's outburst against Kyerematen is sad and foolish. Wontumi has to realize that using anger to resolve problems is ineffective. Many NPP and Kyerematen supporters are upset because they are not happy with how the issue has been resolved after Kyerematen was attacked and demanded that all of his billboards be taken down from key locations in the Ashanti region. The statement made by Wontumi, "Even Judas betrayed Jesus; Alan can go but it won't affect NPP," is uncalled for and may have negative repercussions for the party.

As was previously stated, illiteracy manifests itself in both acts and remarks made by individuals. According to the same Chairman Wontumi, "Economic crisis: Ghana is now better than the UK, I've relocated my children back to Ghana." These persons are dangerous politicians who use liberty to commit crimes against poor people. They don't care about the misery of the suffering masses, and they frequently say things that aren't true to make it seem like Akufo Addo is succeeding while in reality, he has failed badly.

Bosiako asked for the removal of Kyerematen's posters in the same disrespectful manner that Akufo Addo treats Ghanaians, but Kyerematen said, "I introduced Wontumi to NPP, he begged me in 2005 to join NPP; I've no issues with his betrayal." Who will support any of the NPP candidates for president considering the image they have now established that they have no regard for people? Bawumia is even worse than Chairman Wontumi, thus even he is not an option.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024