Ofankor collapsed building had no permit — Report

  Tue, 26 Sep 2023
Social News Ofankor collapsed building had no permit — Report

A preliminary investigation has uncovered that the storey-building which collapsed at Ofankor in the Greater Accra Region last week lacked permit.

The project was being overseen by a caretaker named Maxwell, while the primary owner was located outside the area.

The attention of the Ga North Municipal Authority Engineer was brought to the ongoing development at a specific site.

Upon reaching the site, the Ga North team halted progress at the first-floor level and requested a structural integrity report, which was necessary for either obtaining a permit or considering demolition.

Unfortunately, the project failed to provide the required report, and construction continued clandestinely during nighttime and weekends within a gated compound.

Finally, on a Friday, September 22, 2023, the Ga North Municipal Engineers, led by the Head of Works, Ing Boampong Afrifa, managed to gain access to the previously inaccessible site.

They discovered severe structural defects, including a significant sinking of the building.

Upon being alerted to these critical structural issues, the caretaker became alarmed and contacted the main owner, urging him to evacuate the items from the premises.

During the evacuation process, the building suddenly collapsed, resembling a pancake collapse.