Alan Kyerematen unveils 15-pillar plan to transform Ghana's economy if elected President

Headlines Alan Kyerematen, former Trade Minister
Alan Kyerematen, former Trade Minister

Former Trade Minister Alan Kyerematen has outlined a comprehensive 15-pillar plan aimed at transforming Ghana's economy and providing job opportunities to better the lives of Ghanaians.

Dubbed the 'Great Transformation Plan (GTP),' Mr Kyerematen delivered details of the ambitious policy blueprint at a media briefing at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra today, Monday, September 25.

The first pillar seeks to establish a stable macroeconomic framework with low inflation, sustainable debt and improved government revenue.

On agriculture, pillar two promises a New Agricultural Revolution leveraging technology to optimize farmer incomes through value addition along commodity chains.

Mr. Kyerematen pledged in pillar three to promote industrial transformation and value addition through strategic industries and special economic zones.

He noted that accelerated infrastructure rollout involving more private sector participation forms the fourth pillar.

Pillar five aims to mainstream digitalization across government and society.

Pillar six focuses on energy security through renewable energy expansion.

Improving health infrastructure and the NHIS forms pillar seven.

Pillar eight reviews education reforms including the Free SHS policy.

Tourism development with private investments in world-class facilities is outlined in pillar nine.

Natural resource management targeting 60% value addition before exports by 2030 is pillar ten.

Decarbonization efforts and climate resilience form pillars eleven and twelve respectively.

Public sector downsizing through consolidating agencies makes up pillar thirteen.

Strategic international engagement based on positive neutrality is pillar fourteen.

The final pillar seeks to invest in world-class sports infrastructure.

Mr. Kyerematen asserted the GTP will "provide jobs for the people, cash for the people" through its comprehensive reforms.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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