Mon, 25 Sep 2023 Feature Article

Could there be any explanation for these non-stop deaths within these two families?

Could there be any explanation for these non-stop deaths within these two families?

The more I strenuously try to find the reasons behind the frequent deaths occurring within two specific families in Ghana, the more I get confused and lost in thoughts.

Why not turn to the public in case someone out there may be able to tell you why, an inner voice said to me.

I will out of respect for the families and in order not to revisit their pain, withhold mentioning them.

In the first family, any woman that becomes the most elderly in the house, will have almost all her children die one after the other within a year or two intervals after each death. This has been the order and fate of the family.

When almost all the children are dead, the mother will follow, the actual sequence of the deaths.

The next elderly woman in the house faces the same fate. This has become the cyclical fate of that family, a similitude of Ghana politics where there is an 8-year cyclical rotation of power between NPP and NDC.

This family is on the brink of extinction.
The second family is also being wiped out by death at a rate that will set any ear hearing it tingling.

In this family, there is no specific pattern for their deaths as is in the first case. Any member, regardless of their age and whose child, mother, or father they are, can die, and they do.

The family is being wiped out.
In the two separate towns where these two families are, tongues are wagging. Townsfolk are assigning all unfounded reasons to why they are dying.

Could there be any underlying genetic health problems within the families to curtail their lives as said above? Could it be a curse placed on them that is killing them? Could it be that their ancestors visited some shrines for assistance, but the current members are refusing to honour the terms of the agreement hence the deaths visited upon as punishment?

In the second family, the members themselves do mention that one of their deceased mothers contacted a juju man to wipe out almost all the members of the family so that a cocoa farm belonging to the entire family could become her children and hers only.

Additionally, on the death of one of their members about forty years ago, they thought someone within the family had caused it so they would search for the cause. They started visiting various spiritual sources. Could this explain why they are now dying in their numbers? I don’t get it.

Could there be any hidden reason, if not medical, behind the deaths ongoing in these two families? It is scary indeed!

Rockson Adofo