Most women marry ‘financially stable idiots’ just to avoid bill-sharing — Life Coach

Social News Life Coach Solomon Buchi and wife
Life Coach Solomon Buchi and wife

A prominent Nigerian life coach, Solomon Buchi has waded into the long-running debate on financial responsibilities in marriage.

He sparked discussion on why many women focused on marrying wealthy partners who lacked other important qualities.

In a social media post on Wednesday, September 20, Mr. Buchi said the notion that women are not obligated to share financial burdens with their husbands is primitive.

"Unless you don't understand marriage. In marriage, you are one with your partner. Literally, you should do for your partner whatever you’ll do for yourself," he stated.

The life coach acknowledged traditional gender roles but said they are difficult to maintain in modern society.

"I understand the traditional ideology, but the workability of it in modern times is very very compromising. You’ll have to trade off something," he stated.

According to him, it's alarming how many women marry rich men who lack intelligence in order to avoid sharing domestic bills.

"This is why many women marry financially stable idiots," he wrote, stressing, "A man's leadership in marriage has very little to do with his financial status."

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