21.09.2023 Feature Article

Let's Stay Focused and Don't Get Distracted, the God of Dr. Bawumia is In-charge of All Affairs

Let's Stay Focused and Don't Get Distracted, the God of Dr. Bawumia is In-charge of All Affairs
21.09.2023 LISTEN

The issues surrounding the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential primaries slated for November 4 are getting murkier and distasteful to say the least. This is an internal elections, for crying out loud, which must be decorous, orderly, diplomatic and sanitized. The ill motivated, wild and wicked allegations and attacks must be put to a stop for intraparty peace, cohesion and harmony. It is worrying because an aspirant is on political self-destruction spree with deceptive thinking that he is politically smart. He should stop harbouring the illusion that Ghanaians need a leader who is 'radical and discipline'. Granted Ghanaians need such a leader, but I am very sure Ghanaians do not need a leader who is emotionally unstable, capable of causing chaotic and irreversible scenes unworthy of remembering and internationally embarrassing of gargantuan proportions. The delegates and Ghanaians in general are very discerning and can decipher between comedy and real politics, for that matter, the supporters of *H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia* should be resolute, focused and not get distracted. We should not be seen playing the game along with an aspirant who has nothing to lose after all, he and his family have benefited a lot from the Nana/Bawumia's government.

How do I mean by staying focused and don't get distracted? The main aim of supporters of Dr. Bawumia should be reaching out to the delegates at the base and drumming home the message of hope and the need to get Dr. Bawumia elected as a Flagbearer of the NPP. The delegates should be reminded of the sacrifices Dr. Bawumia has made and continue to make for the party. The supporters of DMB have valuable and very touching messages for the delegates and that should be delivered succinctly. Let's stay focused and provide the delegates and the general public with the right information regarding the benefits of the digitisation drive, championed by Dr. Bawumia, the medical drone delivery services, the one constituency; one ambulance, the sole initiative of Dr. Bawumia, who secured funding for the fantastic expansion of the Kumasi Central Market and Tamale International Airport, the first ever interchange in Northern Ghana and the other roads infrastructure across the country under the sinohydro master facility, the first class services he has been providing to his boss for the implementation of various projects and policies including the almighty Free Senior High School Initiative, the purchasing of Gold as Reserves by Bank of Ghana, the Gold for Oil Initiative, amongst other initiatives credited to Dr. Bawumia and the numerous developmental projects dotted across the country, executed by the Nana/Bawumia's government.

The supporters of DMB should allow those who want to pollute the political atmosphere to continue making their diluted news headlines without shame. Why do you bother about a man whose dignity, integrity and cognitive ability are on daily basis questioned and scrutinized? Let's stay focused, don't get distracted for he, who presses the self-destruction button will endure its consequences.

Brothers and sisters on DMB'S CAMPAIGN TRAIN, let's all emulate the ever patient and calm Dr. Bawumia, who is focused on meeting the delegates at their comfort zones and spreading the monumental achievements of the NPP to the delegates and sharing his vision to them as well, without attacking his opponents. His messages are overwhelmingly being received by the delegates across the country. The DMB's signal is very strong and the delegates, supporters and sympathizers are connecting to it all over the country.

The God of Dr. Bawumia has seen the commitment and dedication in him and will protect him against all kinds of evil machinations. He has never reneged on his responsibility and he has taken this campaign with all the seriousness it deserves, and for that matter, he is unperturbed by any internal maligning and unprovoked attacks. When your God is In-charge of all your affairs, every evil plan to make you unpopular in the eyes of the people transmogrifies into endless blessings to the glory of God. Dr. Bawumia's journey to the presidency is ordained and any unwarranted and hypocritical jabs against him is already taken care of by God.

In conclusion, I entreat all lovers of Dr. Bawumia to stay focused and don't get distracted by the happenings within the internal political market, for Dr. Bawumia is anointed and appointed to lead Ghana in 2025, In Shaa Allah, so whoever malign him unjustifiably, the Excellent God, who is sufficient for him, is In-charge of all his affairs.

*Dr. Bawumia, No. 2 on the ballot, second victory loading on November 4.*

It is possible In Shaa Allah
Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu / Gambaga Constituency
North East Region
[email protected]