Kofi Tonto calls on EC to expand registration centres

By Richard Obeng Bediako || Contributor
Elections Kofi Tonto calls on EC to expand registration centres

Kofi Tonto, a government spokesperson has expressed disagreements with the Electoral Commission’s decision to limit the voter registration exercise to just its district offices.

According to him, the EC’s decision is causing difficulties for persons in remote areas who are able to transport themselves to the district capitals.

This, he argued, could discourage people from traveling to register.

According to him, people living in villages and other rural areas are too far from the EC’s district offices, making it practically difficult for qualified voters to register.

“In parts of the Ashanti Region and Western Region, people have to travel several kilometers to get to the district capitals. In other parts, they have to cross rivers. All leading to exorbitant transportation costs,” he argues.

Kofi Tonto appealed to Jean Mensa, the chairperson of the EC to reverse her decision and extend the limited voter registration to electoral areas.

“I firmly believe that an inclusive and fair electoral process is essential to the advancement of society, and access to voter registration should be simple and free from unneeded and avoidable artificial barriers. There is no need to expand the registration centres in every district as they will be no need. But the EC must identify specific districts where real mobility challenges and add more centres.

“Limiting voter registration to district offices can create barriers, self-inflicting bottlenecks for eligible voters, particularly those residing in remote or underserved areas making it difficult or nearly impossible for them to exercise their right to register and vote,” Kofi Tonto told Accra-based Metro TV.