19.09.2023 Feature Article

The Betrayed Generation

The Betrayed Generation
19.09.2023 LISTEN

Friday for Future activists label themselves often as the last generation Generation Z. This applies mostly to the youth of the developed world. The much bigger problem the world of today and tomorrow is facing is the migration crisis. As this is not only a technical problem that needs political answers but a moral issue no politician around the world likes to touch and not get involved in not even most intellectuals.

My parent's generation (born in 1938 and 1939) felt the hardship of a world war, the hunger after the end of the war, houses with no walls, fields with no crops, and factories sent to the Allies as reparations. Destruction all around challenged them to give their best for a better country and individual future in comfort. There was hope in the minds of this generation to restore Germany and make it better this time round. No one thought of the end but the paradise to accomplish.

My generation is the generation in between two generations that were plunged without their fault into devastation. While we fought to overcome the old tradition of ruling a nation and dealing with the threat of atomic bombs and nuclear power the current generation has to fight once again for survival. It was our generation and our ancestors that were mandated to pave the way for a better future for our children instead we let them down and betrayed them stealing from them a better life. It is the responsibility of the current generation to teach the future generations the will to use their inheritance and build a more comfortable future for themselves and their kids.

Life goes on regardless of what people think possibly not the way wanted or expected. To label oneself as Generation Z or the Last Generation sounds sweet and alarming at the same time these are empty words.

Set into a historical context it would be more accurate to describe the young generation as a betrayed generation. Betrayed eventually means cheated on with an inner calling for radical change.

BBC News yesterday (18.09.2023) broadcasted about the situation in South Africa with a striking phrase "In South Africa, we have no hope anymore". A country with no hope is not hopeless but open to help from outside. If hope would come from inside no need for such a devastating comment.

And help is all around us as help is in the hearts and minds of people in prayers. If I do not have the answer someone else has. This world is full of helpers search, wait, and pray for their coming.

Betrayed on the other side means nothing but cutting off radically old traditions of thinking and actions but to find a new approach to implement a better plan for a better tomorrow a new set of tires to roll on.