EC, Police silent on hammer, cutlass attack at Achimota voter registration centre

  Tue, 19 Sep 2023
Social News EC, Police silent on hammer, cutlass attack at Achimota voter registration centre

Unknown assailants Sunday dawn attacked some first-time voter applicants at the Electoral Commission’s (EC) Okaikoi North Registration Centre.

Some of those assaulted at the registration centre were injured and lost cash and mobile phones.

The incident was initially reported as a robbery attack.

The Commander in Charge of the Achimota Police Station, as well as his deputy, were not available for comment.

However, a source at the station confirmed that some of the victims had filed a complaint.

The Tesano Divisional Commander was in a meeting when the GNA reached him and was unable to comment.

Elorm Marion Ama Debrah, a 29-year-old student and observer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), said she was hit with a stick and felt pains in her right shoulder as a result.

“Some of them were armed with machetes, sticks, and daggers. Personally, they hit me on the back with a stick. We fled, and they pursued us. I have pains in my neck, despite the fact that it has been treated with an ointment.”

She informed the GNA that they slept at the centre “because we wanted to ensure that more of our people were registered to vote.”

“A lot of people came as early as 0200 hours to queue… At about 0520 hours, we were jolted from sleep by the sounds of matchets and stick-wielding masked thugs who ordered us to leave the centre immediately. They beat anyone they met,” she claimed.

Miss Debrah revealed however that they had initially received threats of violence by some unidentified persons, but they did not take it seriously.

According to her, more than 15 individuals were injured, and several chairs were damaged.

“They came to disrupt the process because they saw people queueing. They sacked everyone and destroyed our chairs, beat many people until they got hurt and then fled in their vehicle.

The injured were conveyed to the 37 military and Achimota hospitals, while others were taken to the Achimota police station. We have also lodged a complaint there,” she added.

Another witness, Faustina Narish Cudjoe, claimed she heard people shouting and thugs assaulting people demanding they leave the centre.

She claimed that the incident occurred between 0520 and 0530 hours.

“As soon as I entered my car, I saw armed men in mask holding guns, knives and cutlasses, hammer and sticks shouting at everyone in Twi to leave the centre. They kept hitting people with what they wielded. I hid in my car but watched whatever unfolded."

Madam Cudjoe was fortunate to escape without injury, but she lost her handbag and phone.

She has been unable to locate them or determine how they went missing.

The incident on Sunday has raised concerns about the safety and security of the various registration centres across the country.

Theresa Awuni, MP for Okaikoi North, resorted to social media to express her outrage at the incident.

Since then, the Achimota Police have captured two alleged thugs to assist with investigations.

The District Electoral Officer of Okaikoi North, Eunice Yeboah Quaye, and the EC Officials under her, declined to comment on the incident because they were not present at the time.