Visit Assin Kushea for sanitation lessons — A Plus tells MMDCEs

Social News A Plus, Ghanaian musician and social critic
A Plus, Ghanaian musician and social critic

Controversial Ghanaian musician and social activist, A Plus has called on the government to arrange visits to Assin Kushea for local government administrators to learn proper sanitation practices.

Assin Kushea in the Central region of Ghana is noted for its clean and organised environment. It has often been described as the cleanest city in the country.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, September 19, A Plus criticized the disappointing sanitation situation in most local communities despite the involvement of MMDCEs and local authorities.

He noted that learning from the best practices in Assin Kushea will help equip the MMDCEs with insights on how to replicate similar standards of cleanliness and hygiene enforcement in their respective districts.

"Welcome to the neatest town in Ghana. It's beautiful, it's clean, it's green, it's organized. The Ministry of Interior must take all MMDCEs to this town to learn sense,” he wrote.

Sanitation remains a major challenge in most towns and cities across Ghana.

This poses severe health risks and contributes to outbreaks of preventable diseases.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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