Togbe Afede XIV dines with senior citizens

By Michael Elikem II Contributor
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Togbe Afede XIV

Spending a day with the elderly can be an incredibly enriching experience that offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the wisdom and experiences of those who have come before us.

As part of activities to mark 2023 Asogli Te Zά and the 20th anniversary of Togbe Afede XIV, His Royal Majesty was yesterday seen in his colourful usual kente as he wined and dined with many senior citizens across the divisions of Asogli Traditional Council.

Togbe Afede was received by many of his divisional and sub-divisional chiefs, including the chief of Ho-Dome Togbe Adzi Lakle Howusu XII, Paramount Chief of Takla, Togbe Ayim Adzokoto II, and Togbe Kotoku II among other chiefs.

The occasion witnessed a massive gathering of elders who seized the moment to reminisce the good old days. Others shared their fond memories of the boyhood days of Togbe Afede; this caught the attention of most of the attendees and brought much excitement.

Over the years, “Senior’s Day” has been part of activities of Asogli Te Za, which is organised to have Togbe Afede and his chiefs feast with the elderly within Asogli State and to share the blessings of old age. Also, it is a gesture to acknowledge, highlight the importance and honour the older generation's contributions.

The elderly have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can benefit society. By spending time with them, society can learn from their experiences and gain insights into navigating life's challenges. Moreover, engaging with the elderly is a way of showing respect and appreciation for their contributions to society.

As the Senior Citizens got moved by the live band music and served local cuisines, Togbe Afede XIV shared a lot of folktales and stressed the need to have senior citizens around the younger generation. “The elderly should be with us, because they have a lot to teach us. God strengthen them,” he stated.

Some of the senior citizens expressed their gratitude to Togbe Afede for his continuous support to them and to their children through the establishment of Asogli Education Fund which has helped many of their children and grandchildren have good education.

Mr Daniel Domelovo, the former Auditor General, together with other speakers will grace this year’s Anti-Corruption Day forum to be held on Thursday 21st September.

In between now to the grand durbar to be held on 7th October, activities yet to be done include:

Environment Day – Planting of trees and flowers on Friday 22nd September;

Exploring of Adaklu Mountain on Friday 23rd;
Kid’s Day Party on Sunday 24th September;

Asogli Marathon and Blood donation on Saturday, 30th September;

Music Festival: Time with the Stars Sunday, 1st October;

Women’s Day Celebration on Tuesday, 3rd October;

Coronation Day Activities on 4th October;
Summit of Ewe Chiefs from Ghana, Benin and Togo on Thursday 5th October;

Sitting In State, Best Farmer Awards and State Dinner Dance and Awards on Friday October 6th;

International Football Match on 8th October.