HRM Dr. Nana Kum Krampah I appeals to tourists, public and investors to support 2023 Akwanbo Kese Festival

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General News HRM Dr. Nana Kum Krampah I appeals to tourists, public and investors to support 2023 Akwanbo Kese Festival
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Come Saturday, October 7, 2023 the Chiefs and people of the Enyan-Denkyira Traditional Area in the Central Region, will in high anticipation celebrate the 2023 edition of the Akwanbo Festival.

Enyan Denkyira is situated in Enyan Breman in the Central region of Ghana. It is surrounded by towns such as Nkwantanum, Essiam, Abowunim, and Kromem.

The people of the area are mostly farmers, making it one of the topmost farming communities in Ghana.

It is in this direction that Dr. Nana Kum Krampah 1, the Benkumhene of the Enyan-Denkyira Traditional Area and the Apagyahene of Denkyira State in the Central Region, is calling and urging tourists, investors, and the general public to participate in the pending festivities in their high numbers to celebrate true Ghanaian culture and traditions.

According to Dr. Nana Kum Krampah I, this year’s Akwanbo Kese Festival is seeking to boost both domestic and international tourism while exploring avenues for investment opportunities in the Enyan Denkyira Community.

She made this known during an interaction with some journalists recently.

It would be recalled that on Tuesday 4th July 2023, Dr. Nana Kum Krampah I, was sworn in at a grand coronation to officially become the Apagyahene of Denkyira State.

She also is also the Benkumhene of the Akyeampem Division.

In the history of Enyan Denkyira, she becomes the only female King to be enstooled as the Apagyahene.

Dr. Nana Kum Krampa 1, is also the Founder of Kings Heart, a non-governmental organisation made up of Chiefs and Queenmothers from all 16 regions of Ghana.

“The Akwanbo Kese Festival is the time we, the people of Enyan Denkyira, proudly showcase the unique cultural heritage, traditions, and customs of our region. We are targeting to draw tourists, both domestic and international as well as the Ghanaians in the Diaspora to come experience and immerse themselves in our local culture,” she explained.

She also pointed out that the Akwanbo Kese Festival will offer opportunities for tourists and locals to come together to facilitate cultural exchange and promote cross-cultural understanding.

This, Dr. Nana Kum Krampah I, mentioned would pave the way for a richer travel experience and foster goodwill between visitors and the people of Enyan Denkyira.

She further noted that this year’s Akwanbo Kese Festival would largely involve the local communities, creating a sense of pride and engagement.

“We believe strongly that this positive atmosphere can make tourists feel more welcome and enhance their overall experience. Since Festivals serve as powerful marketing tools for destinations, I would like to also urge all travel and tourism interest groups, event organizers, tourism authorities, and the Ministry of Tourism to capitalize on this year’s Akwanbo Kese Festivities as a focal point for promotional campaigns in helping to attract visitors and investors from different parts of the world to the Central region and Ghana at large,” she added.

Brief History About Enyan-Denkyira:
Enyan-Denkyira is one of the Borbor Fante states and one of the coastal towns of the Ajumako Enyan Essiam district of the Central Region of Ghana.

It is one of the earliest Fante coastal states which was believed to have been established in, or before the 15th century. The Enyan who are a part of the Fante Ethnic groupings or division consist of Denkyira, Abaasa, and Eyan Maim traditional areas.