Ablekuma: Hundreds of residents homeless after demolition exercise

  Mon, 18 Sep 2023
Social News Ablekuma: Hundreds of residents homeless after demolition exercise

Hundreds of residents at Ablekuma–Agbozome in Accra have been rendered homeless after a combined team of military and police personnel supervised a demolition exercise in the area.

The residents, who had built their homes on the banks of the Weija Dam, say they were given little notice to move.

Some irate residents who spoke to Citi News say they have no place to sleep.

“We were given little notice, they have demolished all our houses, we are stranded, we don’t have any place to go,” the residents said.

The Municipal Security Council of Ablekuma West had in June 2023 urged all developers in the municipality to secure a building permit before constructing buildings.

The council maintains that all developers must obtain proper authorization from the Municipal Assembly before erecting a structure.

Speaking to the media after meeting with some residents of Otodjo ahead of an exercise to demolish a building with a structural defect, the Chairman of MUSEC of Ablekuma West, George Cyril Bray, cautioned developers to obtain the required documentation before any structure is built.

By Citi Newsroom

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