Regional Maritime University partners Lamar Marine for boat building and lagoon cleaning

By Mabel Delassie Awuku, ISD II Contributor
Maritime, Port & Aviation Regional Maritime University partners Lamar Marine for boat building and lagoon cleaning
SEP 18, 2023 LISTEN

The Regional Maritime University (RMU) has announced a partnership with Lamar Marine, a Dubai-based company specializing in boat building and firefighting to build boats and clean lagoons.

The partnership was officially announced during a meeting on heralding a new era of innovation and environmental stewardship in Ghana's maritime sector.

In an address, the Managing Director of Lamar Marine, Mohammed Sahel, disclosed that the boats, constructed from lightweight and durable fibre optics, would cater for the Ghanaian and West African markets, primarily for monitoring, security and fishing purposes.

According to him, the boats would have enhanced safety features and improved fuel economy.

He disclosed Lamar Marine's commitment to clearing debris from the lagoon, extending from the entry point to the university, stating that “this initiative will involve the construction of two to three custom-made boats designed to remove plastics and other waste from the lagoon.”

Mr Sahel emphasized that waste from the lagoon would be repurposed, transforming the area into a tourist attraction with water sports facilities.

The Registrar of the Regional Maritime University, Dr Baboucarr Njie, highlighted the benefits both parties stand to gain in the partnership.

He stated that RMU has agreed to provide land for the construction of Lamar Marine's facilities.

Dr Jethro W. Brooks, the Acting Vice Chancellor of RMU, lauded the initiative and pledged the University's full support. He emphasized the significance of the partnership in providing students with practical exposure to deepen their knowledge and understanding of marine engineering.

The partnership between Lamar Marine Services Limited and the Regional Maritime University holds great promise for advancing Ghana's maritime capabilities while enriching the education and skills of future marine engineers and professionals.