Marine Navigator: Ada Estuary ought to be transformed into a mini-harbour

  Mon, 18 Sep 2023
Business Features Marine Navigator: Ada Estuary ought to be transformed into a mini-harbour

As a solution to the perineal canoe accidents occurring at Ada, Mr. Daniel Ameduame Sotei, a marine navigator, has urged the government and maritime stakeholders to transform the Ada estuary into a mini-harbour.

On Tuesday morning, another incidence of canoes capsizing in the estuary due to the choppy sea was observed, leaving residents of Ada in a condition of worry once more.

The fishermen were returning from a fishing trip when the two canoes, which each held 19 people, capsized.

The Volta River empties into the sea near the estuary; as a result, large waves are constrained there, which frequently results in deadly accidents.

As a marine navigator, Mr. Sotei, who also serves as the National Financial Secretary of the Canoe Canoe and Fishing Gear Owners Association of Ghana (CaFGOAG), noted that some nations convert their estuaries into mini-harbors.

He said that in addition to bringing in money from nearby businesses and tourism, it would provide a long-term fix for accidents.

"Such estuaries have been used for tourism in Dubai, for instance, and the city is profiting greatly from the practice. Instead of fleeing the area to murder people, this may result in a large number of jobs being created there.

He said that the estuary could be extended and the sea defenses surrounding it could be made higher so that canoes could easily enter and exit the estuary without any issues.

According to the Marine Navigator, the area might be exploited for water transportation, which is less expensive than other modes of transit. This, he claimed, would lighten the traffic on the routes connecting Tema and the Volta area.

-CDA Consult || Contributor