The Ghanaian Youth Won't Let The Supreme Court Judges, Akufo Addo And The EC Ruin The Nation At The Last Minute

Feature Article The Ghanaian Youth Won't Let The Supreme Court Judges, Akufo Addo And The EC Ruin The Nation At The Last Minute

The Supreme Court judges, Akufo Addo and Jean Mensa's schemes to rig the elections of 2024 in favor of the incompetent and failed political party will abruptly backfire, just as their schemes did at the Assin North by-elections. If amid these hardships, there are no protests and no noise from the populace, the NPP government shouldn’t think that Ghanaians are stupid. People who are silent in the midst of this tragedy should be viewed with extreme caution since no one can predict their future actions.

It is nonsense that Ghana is in such bad shape, NPP politicians including the president, Akufo Addo, keep declaring that they will break the 8th cycle. This worthless and failed political party, which has collapsed every infrastructure in the country, including the banking systems and businesses, doesn’t deserve to break the 8th cycle. So, if they keep telling Ghanaians this, then they have evil intentions to carry out to bring about the change they seek, which no wise person should permit.


If political violence breaks out in Ghana; nobody should blame John Mahama, instead, they should blame the corrupt Supreme Court judges, Jean Mensa, and Akufo Addo.

What is happening today in Ghana, including the violations of the rules and constitution by the Electoral Commission as well as the biased rulings delivered by the Supreme Court judges every day in favor of the ruling government, will be a long-term disaster, which can permanently affect present and future generations, therefore, the most intelligent Ghanaians should not think that what the NPP intends to do will affect the NDC, but its impact and consequences will affect the entire country.

Politics in Africa in particular, involves greed and widespread corruption, but it is rare to plan rigged elections in favor of a failed political party in Ghana. However, we saw this in the 2020 election, when Kennedy Agyapong, now looking forward to becoming president, despite being accused of murder and threatened to burn down the house of a former Ghanaian leader, warned to denounce his political party for dishonest behavior about the crimes they committed to win the 2020 election.

Kennedy Agyapong began making threats and charges against the NPP party, of which he is a member after Akufo Addo started giving problems about his decision to run as an independent for president. At least now that both the educated and illiterates know the truth about why this government failed and everything fell apart in such a dreadful way, who will then sit idly and watch the NPP rig the polls once more in 2024? I can assure you that many NPP politicians will kill themselves after the 2024 elections.

The Supreme Court judges, Jean Mensa, and Akufo Addo shouldn't treat Ghanaians like fools by abusing their corrupt authority over them. The Ghanaian youth are less vocal about their plans, however, the more the EC attempts to disenfranchise the populace to boost the failed NPP's chances of winning, the more the youth will counter-attack with their secret plans. Thanks to the excellent reporting of Kevin Taylor and other dedicated journalists working out of Ghana, more people are becoming aware of this government's evil ambitions and what needs to be done to prevent any rigging in 2024.

My blood chills whenever I read about Ghana's previous political history and learn about the kidnapping and murder of three high court judges, including a woman, Justice Cecilia Koranteng Addo. However, what Akufo Addo's appointed judges are doing now makes clear why those justices were brutally killed. They mistakenly think that because they are wearing funny wigs and wearing uniforms at the Supreme Court they are the Omnipotent God, but they are just ordinary human beings.

Everyone is silent, including the heads of churches and the Christian Council, because if violence breaks and results in many deaths, Akufo Addo, Supreme Court judges, Jean Mensa, and other NPP politicians, including the comedians, Richard Ahiagbah and Samuel Bryan Buabeng, would blame the former president of Ghana, John Mahama, for the unrest. However, they will be shocked to see how the entire country will stand up for Mahama by chasing those crazy baldheads out of the former Flagstaff House.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024