Jean Mensa Is Rebecca Akufo Addo's Brother's Daughter

Feature Article Jean Mensa Is Rebecca Akufo Addo's Brother's Daughter
SEP 17, 2023 LISTEN

It is unmistakably true, as claimed by legal practitioner Martin Kpebu, that Jean Mensa's nomination as the head of the electoral commission was not based on ability or competence but rather her close relationship with the first lady. Akufo Addo chose the person causing Ghanaians so many issues because she is related to the president's wife. This reveals that the accusations leveled at Charlotte Osei, the former head of the EC, were untrue and made to terminate her employment.

Based on information I received from Accra this weekend, I learned that Jean Mensa, the head of the Electoral Commission, father is a brother to Rebecca Akufo Addo. A lazy man thirsty for power, and wouldn't like to work hard will always find a way to make appointments to benefit him. Therefore, it makes sense if I argue that Akufo Addo appointed his relative, Ken Ofori-Atta, as the Finance Minister to facilitate corruption for him. I'll say it again: Ofori-Atta was chosen to make corruption easier.


The president's wife Rebecca Akufo Addo is connected to Jean Mensah. In reality, all of the allegations made against Charlotte Osei, the former head of the Electoral Commission, were deliberately prepared to have her removed from office so that Jean Mensa could be appointed to facilitate election fraud for the party. Ghanaians should therefore; comprehend why she is acting in this manner, considering all the challenges and the difficulties the people are experiencing in the country.

Akufo Addo has failed as a leader because every appointment he makes is for his benefit rather than the benefit of the suffering masses. Unbelievably, he and his NPP administration have the guts to attack Mahama, labeling him incompetent and corrupt, while his projects are dispersed throughout Ghana and many are left unfinished. Ghana is currently struggling with a massive debt that will be a burden for future generations, yet; Akufo Addo can't explain the debt's effects to Ghanaians.

Fraud, embezzlement, and system manipulation to deny the poor masses employment and a better standard of living are most likely to occur in a nation where many members of the government possess phony academic qualifications. Consider the NPP politicians whose wealth has been made public due to corruption allegations. Not to be forgotten is the stolen money that Cecilia Dapaah, the former minister of sanitation, kept in her home. Why would a savvy Ghanaian rely on such a system of government?

On August 20, 2023, I published an article titled "That Is Ghana; Cecilia Dapaah's Case Will Simply End Up Being Forgotten Like Eugene Arhin's" in response to the stolen money by her housemaids and other currencies that were discovered in her home. How has the case ended today, it's gone into the trash like all the cases of corruption scandals under the Akufo Addo's government. I made it clear that “I am confident that the former sanitation minister won't face legal action,” that's how it is today.

When people think they are too wise and therefore; use their minds to oppress and deceive people, the more stupid they become. As stated earlier, every appointment made by Akufo Addo, including Supreme Court judges, has been beneficial to him and the party. Since defying the Supreme Court is unconstitutional, those who challenge and speak out about the bias and corruption of justices will find themselves entangled with the law and charged with crimes.

Akufo Addo is a man who is not interested in the truth. He dwells on lies and deceit; as a result, such individuals are never successful in anything and, therefore; not interested in free and fair elections because they are aware that they would not be successful in obtaining the necessary votes from the people. So, all the accusations were planned. The Committee claimed that “Mrs. Charlotte Osei had violated the Public Procurement Act repeatedly, acted inappropriately, and occasionally exhibited ineptitude.” These unfounded charges were created to make room for Jean Mensa.

The president planned those false accusations against Charlotte Osei to remove her so that Jean Mensa could be recruited and to facilitate election rigging for him and the party. Therefore, Ghanaians need to comprehend if the Electoral Commissioner is acting in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Jean Mensa is not an independent candidate, she is a 100% NPP politician working for Akufo Addo and the NPP administration.

The important question is “Who has power, the majority of Ghanaians who endure pain and are treated disrespectfully like slaves in their nation, or Jean Mensa?” The continual stupid acts this woman commits against Ghanaians are exactly what the populace desires. Miracles won't appear from heaven to push Jean Mensa out of office and teach her the necessary lessons that the EC's office is not her domain to do as she pleases, it is the people that should let her understand.

The refusal of the head of the Electoral Commission to reconsider its decisions and extend the voter registration exercise to promote greater public engagement are orders for the superior above. Apart from the president, who is giving her instructions, the Supreme Court judges are providing her with the most assistance possible to carry out her evil plans. Akufo Addo is the only president in Ghana's history to appoint a significant number of Supreme Court judges.


I was beginning to trust Prof. Ransford Yaw Gyampo and believe he was sincere until his most recent remark regarding Jean Mensa caught me off guard. The political scientist asserts that "no one should question the competency of EC chairman Jean Mensa and her Deputy Chairman, Eric Bossman Asare. This realization has made me know that the professor is not being honest and has a double face while playing the roles of opposing and favoritism politics.

I appreciate Martin Kpebu's time and effort in speaking out about such important national issues affecting the nation and the people, while others, including church leaders, and the Christian Council, have shied away from expressing concern for them for fear of being kicked off Akufo Addo's pay list. The evil seeds the politicians and the Supreme Court judges are sowing will germinate and those supporting the president's terrible conduct will reap them with tears of grief and sorrow. Time will tell.