GWEF holds health screenings and faith seminar

By Swanqy Jay || Contributor
Regional News GWEF holds health screenings and faith seminar
SEP 17, 2023 LISTEN

GloryHill Women Empowerment Foundation (GWEF), an NGO founded by Dr. Hilarious Korsi Abiwu and Pastor Gloria Dede Abiwu (Mrs) is now operating in the Northern region of Ghana.

GWEF has been operating in the Oti and Volta regions for the past six (6) years. They organize empowerment seminars for women, train women in tailoring, catering, hairdressing and give them start up capital/ materials after their trainings. The organisation also do health sensitisations, screenings and treatments such as eye, cervical cancer, breast cancer amongst others.

GWEF took its initiative first to Kpana, then to Tamale in the Northern region. On August 12 2023, women of Kpana in the Northern Region of Ghana were sensitised on cervical and breast cancer.

Their eyes were screened, then their BP, and RBS checked. After the eye screening, a total of 73 people were screened and 49 had no vision threatening conditions. Two(2) cases of glaucoma confirmed and four (4) glaucoma suspects. Confirmed cataracts cases were eight (8) and retinopathy was two (2), and eight (8 ) had refractive errors.

In all, twenty-four women had vision threatening conditions. And for BP and RBS screening, about 73 women were checked for Blood Pressure and RBS. 3 of them had high blood pressure, of which the highest was 209/130 with a pulse of 130.

All threatening conditions were referred to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment.

The Faith Seminar took place on 19th August 2023 at The Global Evangelical Church, Triumphant Chapel Auditorium in Tamale. Hosted by the CEO of GloryHill Women Empowerment Foundation, Mrs. Gloria Dede Abiwu, the seminar was attended by women from churches in and around tamale.