Rebecca Married Akufo Addo For His Money, She Doesn’t Love Him

Feature Article Rebecca Married Akufo Addo For His Money, She Doesnt Love Him
SEP 16, 2023 LISTEN

There are a lot of married women around the world, but the love of money is the reason they stay with their partners. One of them is Rebecca Akufo Addo, the wife of the president of Ghana, Akufo Addo. The woman needs to force herself to be with a man she knows wasn't her choice even though she doesn't love him, as this article will reveal. What woman doesn't aspire to a happy marriage? Everyone naturally considers true love and a strong family, but Rebecca was only for financial gain.

What did Rebecca find so alluring to Akufo Addo that she fell in love with him and chose to marry him? I can't say whether Akufo Addo's wife came from a wealthy or dysfunctional family because I don't know her background, but what I can see is that he used the money to sway her. Any sensible individual who observes her lifestyle and that of Akufo Addo will recognize that there is a problem. The two are entirely different. Has Rebecca thought of leaving Akufo Addo, and he pleaded with her to stay?


Any intelligent Ghanaian shouldn't be impressed by a photo of the first lady kissing the president since photos tell a lot of stories. Rebecca pretends she loves Akufo Addo, but the president knows that his wife doesn’t love him. Photo credit: Ghana media

Being a woman and, more importantly, being married to a president must be quite challenging because the entire burden falls on her as well. As a result, the first lady is expected to do whatever it takes to support her husband, whether or not she likes it. The reality is that Rebecca has been living a nightmare with a dishonest and corrupt person who takes pleasure in other people's suffering, and because she doesn't love Akufo Addo, she isn't concerned enough about his despicable actions to offer counsel.

Akufo Addo is renowned for being an emotionless murderer in addition to being stubborn, incompetent, and lazy. Look at how he has ruined people's lives all around Ghana. Consider how many Ghanaians have committed suicide as a result of the president's destruction of their livelihoods. What kind of a woman is Rebecca, therefore, to stand by while her husband commits such heinous crimes? I do not doubt that Rebecca has tried numerous times to break away from Akufo Addo, but the politician has held her captive with ill-gotten wealth stolen from the government's coffers.

Rebecca has never been a happy woman since her worst anxiety for years has been being married to Akufo Addo. Search for both old and new photos of Rebecca and Akufo Addo together, Ghanaians can see that she is always miserable and never smiles. A woman doesn't care what a man does if she doesn't love him. Rebecca is a human being; if she cared about other people, she wouldn't have allowed her husband to treat others in the way that even animals aren't treated in Europe and the US.

I don't think Akufo Addo’s affair with Serwaa Broni was the president's first time cheating on his wife. Rebecca is aware that he has been having affairs with other women, but washing the dirty linen in public, would make her and Akufo Addo seem bad, therefore, she must remain with Zacchaeus. No woman on the planet can love her spouse and stand by as he mistreats others. In addition to being ruthless, Akufo Addo is one of the fallen demons who are out to ruin Ghana with his family.

This family delights in human suffering and relishes causing harm. Ken Ofori-Atta's visage looks exactly like that of Satan, who persuaded Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. He speaks quietly, raises his head while speaking, and makes his eyes as if a woman is romancing his balls, but he is a really dangerous and treacherous person with only a kleptomaniac mind. So are all of the family members, including Akufo Addo; for this reason, he doesn't give a damn about what he does to Ghana's commoners.

Since Akufo Addo has proven to be a purely evil person and has empowered himself with demonic abilities that make him cruel, he is no longer a human being and cannot relate to the sorrow and cries of those who are suffering. His wife Rebecca is completely aware of who her husband is, where he has gone, and the evil forces he has brought into the home under their shared roof. Rebecca will shed crocodile tears and be joyful if today there is a coup and Akufo Addo is tied to the stake and shot.

Most Ghanaians are frustrated, and many have lost faith in the nation. They don't understand how Ghana would get to this position. If Ghanaians can remember, I am the only writer to have written extensively about what might occur in Ghana while Akufo Addo remains in office. I was attacked, someone said, "Your father, Kodzo Savage, wasn't that kind of a journalist, and your mother, Nancy, was a nice person, but you are not," I need that same person to congratulate me today.

Akufo Addo and Rebecca's marriage has long disintegrated because Rebecca believes the president she lives with is different from the one she married. Rebecca has long ceased discussing personal information with Akufo Addo because she is no longer interested in him and knows her husband is a murderer who has blood stains on his hands. Rebecca lives in a sour marriage as a first lady, while Akufo Addo acts in his interests, knowing that Rebecca doesn't love him.