Dr Amin Adam urges developed countries to empower emerging economies

By Joyce Adwoa Animia Ocran, ISD II contributor
Social News Dr Amin Adam urges developed countries to empower emerging economies
SEP 15, 2023 LISTEN

Ghana's Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, has urged advanced countries to support and empower the emerging markets of developing countries by creating an enabling environment for international trade to thrive.

Dr Adam made the call when he spoke in Nairobi at the just-ended African Climate Summit on the topic ‘’From Commitment to Action, Creating Fiscal Space for Climate Action Agenda 2063 and the SDGs in Africa.’’

He bemoaned the situation where some policies of advanced countries indirectly stifled the economies of countries that were already in distress.

He noted that based on open and fair trade, Africa could mobilize the needed resources that would make it self-sufficient to augment capital inflows from development partners.

Rt. Hon. Andrew Mitchell, UK’s Minister of State for Development and Africa, pledged that the British government would increase funds allocated to Africa to tackle Climate Change.

He stated that the British government would release a paper that would outline their commitment and objectives and how they intended to achieve those objectives. Mr Mitchell also indicated that it was time to inject optimism into the fight against climate change.

Mr Fitsum Assefa Adala, Ethiopia’s Minister for Planning and Development added that it was time for African money to work for Africa and that could be achieved through an honest assessment of performance.

“By engaging in a frank, honest assessment of our performance, we will be able to measure our progress and know where our resources go,’’ she added.