They Hate Kevin Taylor, But His Journalism Is A Masterpiece

Feature Article They Hate Kevin Taylor, But His Journalism Is A Masterpiece
SEP 15, 2023 LISTEN

The field of journalism used to be one of the most revered and enthusiastic, but it appears that credibility has been lost in recent years. However, one journalist, Kevin Taylor, the host of the TV show "Loud Silence," whose excellent reporting has been a successful tool to achieve democratic values and essence, as a means of transforming and educating the people, has instead turned into an enemy for many, including politicians and journalists, who can't stand the truth.

It's difficult to comprehend what has happened to the Ghanaian media, even though many are aware that the president, Akufo Addo, has been paying state-sponsored media to spread false propaganda against the opposition, the question that everyone wants to know is: Has the president bought all of the media in Ghana? Why was the media so loud against Mahama when the nation was at its finest and now silent over the terrible situation under Akufo Addo? Do they fear him because he is a tyrant?


If Ghana had at least five journalists of Kevin Taylor's caliber, to disseminate high-quality, informative, and educational journalism, it could reduce corruption and improve the lives of the suffering masses.

This is why Kevin Taylor has come out to counter this fake news and expose the evil plans of the NPP government that are destroying the people and the country. Akufo Addo's government, which has lasted for almost seven years, is a complete failure. The impact of widespread corruption began with the collapse of the country's banking institutions and was followed by the collapse of businesses and investments, severely affecting the operational capacity of the country's ports.

However, the truth is that the more people criticize the government to understand the damage it is causing to an already collapsing economy, the more Akufo Addo and some people declare war on them. Apart from Kevin Taylor, Twene Jonas, a young man who suffered greatly in his homeland, Ghana, before settling in the United States, uses social media to educate Ghanaians, correct fabricated issues, and criticize the government to make things better for ordinary people, has also received death threats.

Everything in the nation has come to a standstill under Akufo Addo's administration, and while the government has become very effective at raising taxes, it has failed to generate any jobs for the population, amid persistent lies about having created millions of jobs that they are unaware of or where the industries can be located. With someone like Bawumia, a pathological liar who wants to be president, the government has essentially devolved into a gang of pervasive corrupt and dishonest looters.

Many Ghanaians wouldn't have known what was going on in their nation or the crimes the government had committed if it weren't for Kevin Taylor. The first person to inform Ghanaians that President Akufo Addo was not a real lawyer was Nana Konadu-Agyemang Rawlings. However, it was Kevin Taylor who decided to conduct a thorough investigation and came to the conclusion that the president had lied about his legal experience everywhere he claimed to have practiced.

It was Kevin Taylor who interviewed the Ghanaian-Canadian nurse with whom President Akufo Addo had an affair. Many have hit out hard at the woman known on social media as Serwaa Broni; calling her names, but after the interview, many people came to their senses and realized the terrible experience the woman had gone through. She was invited to Ghana by the president and what she went through almost cost her life. She is one of the luckiest women alive today.

Kevin Taylor has done too much and I can’t list all his achievements and the benefits they bring to Ghanaians interested in the truth. His extensive investigation found that the president was behind illegal mining in the country, despite his promise to fight it. Today, the major rivers in Ghana are polluted. Ghana is being ruled by hungry hyenas with sharp teeth, which leave nothing for the hungry to eat, not even bones. Being a Ghanaian can be depressing at times because many people are unaware of Mr. Taylor's sincere desire to improve people's lives.

Ghanaians, including politicians, may not like Mr. Taylor for his truthful journalism, but considering the characteristics of the thousands of listeners he has around the world, no one will ever be able to challenge his caliber of reporting or stand alongside him on the same journalistic stage.