Having Akufo Addo As President Is The Worst Embarrassment For Ghanaians

Feature Article Having Akufo Addo As President Is The Worst Embarrassment For Ghanaians
SEP 12, 2023 LISTEN

When we were young, our grandparents taught us to respect our elders; we have carried this parental guidance with us as we have aged. However, over time, we have come to accept that some elders have the mental capacity of children and can even do silly things children wouldn’t do. In my opinion, there is no need to show these people any respect because they have demonstrated repeatedly that they are unworthy of it. One of them is Akufo Addo, the corrupt, incompetent, and lazy leader of Ghana.

Firstly, apart from his state-sponsored media, Akufo Addo depends on the fear of other powerful media channels, to speak whatever he likes about the former Ghanaian leader, John Mahama. The deceptive Akufo Addo and his quack economist vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, and his wife, Samira, have been making senseless comments against Mahama for a very long time. When they were seeking power, Akufo Addo and Bawumia did it to Mahama, and now that they know they have been rejected by the people, they want to employ the same tactic to damage Mahama's reputation.


To win the elections in 2016, both Akufo Addo and Bawumia made false accusations, including the rate of the Cedi to the dollar, against Mahama, demanding his resignation. However, in 2020, when the public became aware of their failure, they rigged the results. Now, the incompetent, lazy, and corrupt Akufo Addo, wants to employ the same method that was utilized to win the 2016 to win the 2024. Unfortunately, the majority of Ghanaians are now aware of their tricks, therefore, it's not going to work this time.

Since I don't want to be included in the list of Ghanaian writers who fear Akufo Addo, I will challenge him and lay before him the significant crimes and corruption scandals he has been associated with. Why is Akufo Addo filling the Supreme Court with a high wall of judges? It's because he's a coward who doesn't want to be held accountable for his pervasive corruption and crimes. However, no matter how long it takes, Akufo Addo will ultimately be held accountable for his misdeeds, which will shock many Ghanaians. He is aware of the rationale for his abolition of the death penalty.

Akufo Addo believes he is impenetrable and unstoppable; I will remind him that serves as a constant that everything has its time. When he was hunting for power, some of his photos resembled homeless people in the United States of America. He urged Ghanaians to put their faith in him and provide him the authority to test him; if he failed, they should remove him from office. He promised Ghanaians that he would battle corruption and transform Ghana into Dubai. Among his many claims, he informed Ghanaians that Mahama was dishonest and unable to hold office and that he would come to lower the high taxes he had imposed on them.

After he failed as a leader, it exposed every accusation he made against Mahama was untrue. Akufo Addo now declares that "2024 General Election: Don't vote for a man identified as Gov't official 1 in Airbus Scandal - Akufo-Addo to Ghanaians" even though he is aware that the majority of Ghanaians disagree with him. Who among John Mahama and Akufo Addo is the bigger thief? Although I am aware that African politicians frequently engage in corruption, Ghanaians must educate Akufo Addo about Mahama's developmental accomplishments.

The previous Ghanaian president started several projects and left some of them uncompleted, while, Akufo Addo has incurred enormous debt and no way to account for it. It is evident from Akufo Addo's remark that the man lacks knowledge since it is not his position to counsel Ghanaians not to vote for Mahama because he is associated with the Airbus controversy. The general public should make this decision. If Ghanaians should abstain from voting for anybody associated with the Airbus scam, they are undoubtedly not being stupid by electing a president and vice president who have participated in unlawful mining to damage the nation's major rivers.

They won't support an ineffectual president who embezzled COVID-19 monies to bring about the country's economic collapse, nor will they support a president whose illicit gold trading was exposed by Al Jazeera and cost Ghana billions of dollars. Ghanaians are also too smart to elect a president and a vice president who conspired with the head of the Bank of Ghana, to print money without the approval of parliament. I keep making this inquiry, but I never receive a response, “Were Ghanaians under the sway of a spell when they elected someone like Akufo Addo as president?”

When you hear any NPP politician, including Akufo Addo, asking why Mahama is returning or an NPP lawyer, saying that “if Mahama becomes president, he will relocate to Togo, should persuade any intelligent Ghanaian that Mahama is a threat to the NPP party. They are either afraid that he is coming to expose all their corruptible deals and also prove to them that he can handle the economy better than them because he has done that in the past. “Which One Is Easier To Say, Akufo Addo Is Corrupt Or A Thief?” This was an article published in February 2020, I demonstrated that Akufo Addo is both corrupt and a thief.

If Akufo Addo or any other NPP politician believes they will win the 2024 election by using the same lies and deceit they used to defeat Mahama, in 2016 and also rigged the 2020 elections, then, they are seriously mistaken. Tribalism can be an advantage for Akufo Addo and he can make illogical claims that he is better than Nkrumah, yet; the force of the people's vote will push them out since there would be no room for manipulating this time, despite their best efforts and evil schemes. They can't do such terrible damage to Ghana and yet remain in power, intelligent Ghanaians shouldn’t allow this.