Blessed Are The Merciful Rev. Eastwood Anaba, For You Shall Obtain Mercy For Defending Mahama

Feature Article Blessed Are The Merciful Rev. Eastwood Anaba, For You Shall Obtain Mercy For Defending Mahama
SEP 10, 2023 LISTEN

It's good to have friends; people, with whom you can talk, spend time, sit at the table, and share your thoughts or problems. However, a true friend is someone you can turn to for support in a trying time and he won't turn you down, or someone who can defend you when he realizes that people are dragging your name through the mud and spreading false rumors about you when it's not true. That’s exactly what Rev. Joseph Eastwood Anaba did for Mahama after realizing the lies were too much.

When it became clear that there were too many lies being disseminated about the former Ghanaian president, Rev. Anaba came forth to defend John Mahama and demonstrate his legitimacy as a man of God. This is remarkable because even though there are many mosques and churches in Ghana, a profoundly religious nation, only a small number of individuals, including pastors and Imams, carry out God's duties. Many people, especially religious leaders, struggle to tell the truth or act morally.


Rev. Eastwood Anaba, the president of Eastwood Anaba Ministries - Genuine men of God express worry when immoral behavior is wreaking havoc on the country and harming the populace.

I listened as Rev. Anaba told a tale of Mensa Otabil’s friend who had suffered horrific injuries while serving as a pastor in Nigeria and had been saved by Mahama. How can I be persuaded that Mensa Otabil is a true man of God? He is one of the so-called men of God who frequently lambasted Mahama when Ghana was at its finest and is now mute about Akufo Addo's leadership role in the country's decline, even though Mahama did this for his friend.

The truth is missing as Akufo Addo has ruined Ghana. Things have become worse, resulting in an increase in pervasive corruption with impunity. Businesses, industries, banking institutions, the economy, and local and international investments, have collapsed, with a severe impact on the populace. This is because many Ghanaians, especially those in high positions, choose not to speak out about what is threatening the country and negatively impacting the people.

In addition to the country's judges and the head of the electoral commission appointed by Akufo Addo, who have disappointed the suffering masses, the biggest regret is also the failure of the media to address the problems facing the country under Akufo Addo's administration. Even though Ghana had a thriving economy and booming businesses, they listened to the lies and deceptive voices of Akufo Addo and Bawumia when seeking power to go after Mahama with uncountable accusations.

In Ghana today, you must be serious and powerful enough to speak out against the Akufo Addo administration. The unfortunate aspect is that he always has people standing up for him, but Ghanaians are now fighting to liberate themselves from this tribalistic tyrant who has irreparably damaged the country and removed the NPP administration for good. The man acts like the head of a gang or Mafia in whatever he does, making the NPP the most destructive political party Ghana has ever seen.

Since assuming office nearly seven years ago, Akufo Addo hasn't accomplished much more than changing the names of already built institutions, incurring huge debt, engaging in criminal activity, such as illegal gold mining, illegal gold trade exposed by the foreign media Aljazeera, using taxpayer funds for extramarital affairs, and stealing a sizable sum of COVID funds provided by the World Bank, yet many Ghanaians, including NPP politicians, see nothing wrong with it and rather go after Mahama.

Do Ghanaians worship Ashtoreth or Beelzebub as their only deities? Why are there so many churches but so few pastors speaking out against this wicked government that is destroying everything in its path? As if the harm isn't enough, a comedian who failed to fulfill his pledge to the populace to build toilets when he was elected vice president is now running for president. Ghana is not a comical country to elect a comedian and false economist who contributed to the nation's demise as president.

The biblical title of honor, "man of God," is used to refer to prophets and revered religious figures. Although some contend that there are no longer any sincere men of God, I firmly think that there are still many, including Rev. Eastwood Anaba and Pastor Kofi Oduro, who continue to speak out against the wickedness that is dividing Ghana. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;” I pray that the good works of these pastors will encourage others to make Ghana a better country.