Highlighting The Real Reasons Akufo Addo Chose Bawumia Over Kyerematen

Feature Article Highlighting The Real Reasons Akufo Addo Chose Bawumia Over Kyerematen
SEP 7, 2023 LISTEN

Alan Kyerematen, the former Minister of Trade and Industry, suffered betrayal, humiliation, and embarrassment at the hands of the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, forcing him to withdraw from the NPP's presidential race. While many are angry with the president for publicly supporting Bawumia and ignoring Kyerematen, the real reason behind the president's actions lies in issues that political analysts have rejected or felt uncomfortable revealing to the people of Ghana.

The NPP is a one-party but not every politician knows the party’s secrets or is closer to Akufo Addo than vice president Mahamudu Bawumia. Akufo Addo is a dishonest person who likes dishonest people and as we know, Bawumia has lied for the party’s interest on political platforms and in campaigns, defending the non-existence of projects and publicity work to make the party more attractive and people believe the false propaganda, while Kyerematen is never interested in such lies to promote his party.


The fact that Alan Kyerematen is very sincere and has never actively participated in promoting the interests of the NPP through false propaganda as Bawumia did, made Akufo Addo like his vice president as presidential candidate more than Kyerematen.

If Ghanaians can turn back the clock, they will become more familiar with Bawumia's lies and his involvement in criminal activities with Akufo Addo, for the sake of the party, without any regret. Like Kennedy Agyapong, Bawumia knows all of the president's secrets, as he is closer to him as vice president than to Kyerematen. So, the biggest task for Akufo Addo is choosing Kyerematen as the party’s presidential candidate, while leaving Bawumia, who has been lying to promote the interest of the party.

As said earlier, Akufo Addo is a dishonest person and Bawumia is just like him, so, why would he choose Kyerematen, whom he considers too sincere and has been protecting his integrity and reputation, when Bawumia had strongly participated in lifting the party’s image whether on false or true propaganda? For readers to comprehend my argument and ascertain the truth, I'll highlight some of Bawumia's falsehoods about his party in this article, which Akufo Addo always admired and appreciated.

1. The NPP were better managers of the economy

2. The NPP has ruled the economy better than the NDC

3. The NDC has borrowed thirty-nine billion dollars in eight years

4. The NDC has spent seven billion dollars on infrastructure

5. The NPP has established thirty-six senior high schools

6. At a lecture at the Central University College on 25 March 2015, Bawumia lied that the African Development Bank had suspended Ghana the previous month, and the country is still on suspension as of the time he was delivering the lecture, AfDB denied this claim in the evening of the same day.

7. On August 18, 2015, Bawumia claimed at a press conference hosted at the Alisa Hotel that he had evidence of 760,000 foreigners from Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso on the Ghanaian voters’ register. He claimed to have presented only 10% of the evidence and that the NPP would make the remaining 90% available in due course. Several months after this claim, he failed to produce the remaining 90% after it turned out that even the so-called 10%, he presented was fabricated. The NPP also sent word to the Electoral Commission that they were no longer willing to submit the remaining 90%.

8. In November 2015, Bawumia lied that the NDC Government had borrowed US$ 37 billion in seven years. After making this false statement and its illogical implications were exposed, he quickly changed the story and claimed he was talking about “the value” of money borrowed when our debt has never been calculated through the fraudulent manipulation of figures that he attempted that day.

9. On May 6, 2016, Bawumia lied that the Government had diverted US$250 million out of the Eurobond issue of 2015 into a private account operated by a private bank. This absurdity has also been proven to be false.

10. Just a few weeks ago, Bawumia lied to Ghanaians, saying that his administration had created over a million jobs, without ever revealing where those jobs were situated. If I continue to add all of Bawumia's fabrications, this post will end up being a whole book volume; since the goal of this article is to demonstrate that Akufo Addo has accepted the lies of his vice president, I will stop here.

In reality, Alan Kyeremeten's honesty and his good deeds of defending his integrity cost him the opportunity to be chosen as a presidential candidate among the NPP politicians. People who desire to live moral lives and have nothing to do with the dishonest and criminal lifestyles of others, especially politicians, bear the repercussions of their deeds all around the world, not only in Ghana. In light of this, I will advise Kyerematen to be happy for having proven to be more honest than Akufo Addo and Bawumia.