Wed, 06 Sep 2023 Editorial

Opposition party’s coup wish

  Wed, 06 Sep 2023
Asiedu NketiaAsiedu Nketia

Democracy, despite all the challenges, remains the best form of participatory government on planet earth. Other forms of government are being practised elsewhere, including military interventions that some pseudo democrats in Ghana are hailing today.

Perhaps we as Ghanaians have not scrutinised these characters very well but embraced them when Ghana chose the path of multi-party democracy in May 1992. Majority of such characters in the NDC participated actively in military regimes that overthrew democratically elected governments.

We will not be far from right to say Mahama and his NDC are lovers of coups and making a case through the violent overthrow of a government. That is why under this democratic dispensation, Mahama still has appetite for violence and is on record to have said “the NDC has revolutionary roots and when it comes to unleashing violence, no political party can beat NDC to it.”

If these elements, are not hypocrites why will Asiedu Nketia say that “the country has crossed the red lines for coup”? We may ask Asiedu Nketia to tell us about the elements needed to stay within the green lines and whether before the 2016 elections we were comfortable with 'dumsor' and double salaries of some ministers?

Ghanaians, comfortable with the democratic dispensation, did not call for military intervention but participated in the 2016 elections to remove Mahama by the thumb not through the barrel of the gun.

Is it a fact that the NDC is afraid of the ballot box and seeks the illegitimate path of a coup to change the government? Now the NDC is telling Ghanaians that if we elect a government through the ballot box, we cannot remove the same government by the same means.

We are convinced that the NDC has no message for Election 2024 hence its flagbearer, Mr. Mahama is adopting all kinds of misinformation tools to deceive the public.

Now the NDC has decided to politicise all professions, including NDC lawyers who met at Akosombo last weekend. Mr. Mahama is trying to showcase himself as a rebranded person who if elected again will do things differently from his earlier presidency, but no matter how hard he tries “a decorated donkey remains as such”. No matter how hard one tries to keep the pig neat, it will still find an ally in the mud. Thus, Ghana should continue with its track record of using the universal adult suffrage to elect its governments. It is a more progressive way of getting everybody involved in the governance of the country; for what affects all must be decided by all instead of the backward procedure to change government as the NDC and its allies in academia, media and civil society will want to force down the throats of Ghanaians.

Recent utterances of Mahama should become a matter of concern to more decent members of the NDC. His remarks about the judiciary are causing credibility challenges for the NDC. When the same judiciary shot down the case brought against the Jomoro MP, what did Mahama say? Did he “eat” back his attacks on judges in the country? It is pathetic as this double standards will not help former President Mahama.

Source: Daily Guide