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19.03.2007 General News

Planted dynamite threatens water supply for residents

By : The Sun

Over 80,000 people around the Ofankor vicinity in Accra would be denied potable water from the main supplier (Ghana Water Company) as the reservoir is likely to crack due to the destructive effects of dynamite planted in the hills to break rocks into pieces.

The reservoir is just about cracking down since the workers who break the rocks to irk a living have neared the water facility.

Even though tons of warnings have been issued by the Ghana Water Company, there is growing evidence and proof that no heed has been paid to the warnings.

The Assemblyman of Ofankor Electoral Area, Mr Appiah Kubi is so concerned about the development that he has raised alarm bells.

A visit to the site indicated that the risk posed to the people around the area, should the unexpected happen.

According to the Assemblyman, the stone crackers use dynamite at every turn to crack the stones, however they have no right to approach the site just where the reservoir is located, even though they have dug round it.

“What makes it more serious is the fact that the people use the dynamite to crack stones which gradually affects the reservoir and all those who draw their daily water intake from the facility.

He said there have been several attempts to stop them but they are not in anyway ready to mend their ways.

According to the Assemblyman, the residence of the area have raised several alarm bells to the Ghana Water Company about the danger and its possible large cash sums required for repair works yet for reasons of negligence, the Company has made no efforts to stop the stone crackers from blasting the stone around the reservoir.

Mr Appiah Kubi re-emphasized that, the community and the residents alone cannot stop the people without the assistance of the GWC and the law enforcement agency and that further delays in stopping the crackers from blasting the stones around the reservoir.

Source: The Sun