Review Of John Mahama's Unique Initiatives In The Ashanti Region, The Stronghold Of The NPP

Feature Article Review Of John Mahama's Unique Initiatives In The Ashanti Region, The Stronghold Of The NPP
SEP 5, 2023 LISTEN

The media has failed Ghanaians in the same manner as Akufo Addo has let them down. In those days, when Akufo Addo was hungry for power, the media assisted him in spreading his false campaign messages to Ghanaians since they were directed at John Mahama, a native of the country's northern region. However, now that Akufo Addo has failed, the media is as quiet as a graveyard.

Even though John Mahama constructed several projects, including uncompleted ones, I have taken it upon myself, to inform Ghanaians of the accomplishments of the former Ghanaian leader in just the Ashanti Region. In my opinion, those who hate Mahama do so because he has accomplished what Akufo Addo hasn’t been able to do in his entire life. It is not an exaggeration the current president is destructive.


Mahama served as vice president for 4 years and president for 4 years, but he has achieved what Akufo Addo failed to do in his entire life leaving the country with a huge debt.

The fact that someone they hated so much outperformed their politicians in an area where the NPP is strong is the biggest disgrace to Akufo Addo and the entire NPP politicians. I have previously listed Mahama's accomplishments and asked NPP politicians, including Richard Ahiagbah, to do the same, but he has never done so since Akufo Addo has nothing to show Ghanaians.

I don't hate any Ghanaian leader, but I dislike the dishonesty, hypocrisy, and deception that are destroying our nation. Why do we keep giving accolades to those who don't deserve it? The projects that Mahama established in the Ashanti Region are listed below, since this is focusing on the Ashanti Region, I anticipate the NPP to follow suit with Akufo Addo’s projects.

Kumasi Kejetia ultramodern market has a school, police station, rest place, and hospital. It is known to be one of the best in Africa.

Tafo market
Asawase market
Atonsu market
Sawiya hospital
37 military hospital
Fomina hospital
Kumawu hospital
Tepa hospital
Bekwai hospital
Eye care centre inside Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH)

Suame Road, Tafo Road, High School Junction to Gyenyase Road, Kenyase Road, Bomso to High School Road, kwetei to Aduase Road, Tech Campus, Fomina to Boadi Road, Bonwire Junction to Bonwire Road, Aprade to Pakoso road, Tikrom to bawoso to Antoa road, New Adubease town roads, Bekwae town roads, Bonfa junction to Asiwa road, Bekwai to Asiwa road, Kumawu to Droboso road, Tepa manfo to Subreso to Fante roads

Paakoso Community Day School
Agric Nzima Community Day School
Banka Community Day School
Adobe wura Community Day School
Adogyama Community Day School
Droboso Community Day School
Bosomtwe Oyoko Community Day School
Kwabena Kwakrom Community Day School
Asuoso-Offinso Community Day School
Adanse Apagya Community Day School
Adanse Fumso Community Day School
Tepa Manfo Community Day School
Adwira Community Day School
Kumawu water supply
Konongo water supply
Kumasi Shoe Factory
Kumasi Airport Expansion
And many more…
Source: TheBBCghana.Com

Ghana might have been a highly prosperous nation if the truth had been given a significant political voice. The media has lost credibility because so many spread fake information to try to bring John Mahama down. Even though he is the most ambitious and competent leader to govern Ghana after Kwame Nkrumah, tribalism and hate continue to suppress his achievements without any shame. Nevertheless, since darkness can’t defeat the light, the truth shall be known.