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17.03.2007 General News

Mob kills Ghanaian in London

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A 16-year-old Ghanaian immigrant has been killed by a mob in London.

The Sun newspaper of London reports that the victim, Kodjo Yengo, was visiting his girlfriend and her family on Wednesday evening when the incident occurred.

According to the newspaper, the young couple was walking his mother's dog when they encountered attackers.

His girlfriend, who wants to be identified only as Cookie, told The Telegraph that she and Yengo encountered one boy who challenged him to a fight.

More teenagers arrived armed with bats and knives. She said for a few minutes she did not know what was happening and suddenly saw Yengo bleeding on the floor.

According to The Sun, Yengo was studying for his university entrance examinations.

Police have arrested a man, 21, and six teenage boys, four of them only 13, The Telegraph said.

Police said Yengo, from a family of immigrants from Ghana, may have strayed onto gang turf. The attack took place in a working-class area that is starting to attract richer residents.