“By Constitution, The EC Should Remain Neutral, But The current Does Everything Like an NPP Politician” - Zanetor Rawlings

Feature Article By Constitution, The EC Should Remain Neutral, But The current Does Everything Like an NPP Politician -  Zanetor Rawlings
SEP 4, 2023 LISTEN

Many Ghanaians appear to have lost interest in the country's current woes or the hidden danger posed by the biggest economic crisis the nation has ever experienced, but Zanetor Rawlings, the Member of Parliament for the Klottey-Korle Constituency, appears to be an exception. The NDC politician is featured in a program instructing the populace on how to overcome Jean Mensa's intentions to lower the number of NDC voters' votes to increase the likelihood of winning for a government that has destroyed and wrecked every infrastructure in the country.

Madam Zanetor Rawlings addressed the crowd and informed them that if they had come together, the topic at hand was "Limited Registration." The NDC has a sizable following, but the MP voiced dismay that when it comes to registration, the people are denied enough "Voters Registration Cards." She even warned the populace about the EC's diabolical plans to restrict the registration of NDC supporters, which truly impressed me because the MP is speaking the truth. She called on seasoned voters to help new voters who don’t have any voting experience to make the intended operation effective.

Madam Zanetor Rawlings asserts that "by Constitution, the head of the EC should be neutral, but the current does everything like an NPP Politician." Is the Klottey-Korle Constituency's Member of Parliament right? The NPP is a government that has completely let the people down, brought down financial institutions, destroyed domestic and international investments, and is to blame for some of the greatest unemployment and crime rates in the country. Despite this, they are not ready to give up power in a free and fair election because they feel neither sorrow nor compassion for the people.

Ghanaians weren't surprised that voters were murdered and called criminals, without offering an apology to their families since the president has shown that he enjoys killing in his quest for power as he talks about the Arab Spring. Despite the worst political and economic conditions in the country, Jean Mensa, the leader of the EC, is disregarding anything that can cause unrest in the country. I don't understand why high-profile Ghanaians are keeping quiet about this considering what they did to Mahama at a time when Ghana's economy was blossoming and its ports were thriving.

I have often observed that Ghanaians really make their lives tough and that their condition would only get worse as long as they believe the country's political and economic crisis is a conflict between the NPP and the NDC. Every Ghanaian should prioritize working to create a better government for the oppressed majority, as the administration that the people elect will determine their destiny. Many people don't realize this, which causes the situation to deteriorate daily. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to criticize a past president who is not in office, while ignoring the current regime that has obliterated everything in its path and, as a result, brought all commercial activities and investments to a halt.

"Support, nye bo mi tue," Madam Rawlings demands, "Awula, mihu mibo bo tue," thus; the reason for this article. I thought I could speak Ga quite well until I heard Madam Rawlings. The lady patiently explained many things to the people that I couldn't express eloquently in vernacular without speaking English, and I learned more from her. She pleaded with the crowd to proceed with the registration process come rain or shine. Just recently I penned an article in which I begged Mr. Asiedu Nketia and Mr. Sammy Gyamfi to make documentaries to inform the public about the failure of this administration; thus, seeing Madam Rawlings on the correct route tells me that the NDC is the serious party.

The majority of Africans and their leaders dislike coups, but evil schemes like the one of the head of the Electoral Commission boss invite coups to the country. If Ghanaians do not want a coup, they should stop Jean Mensa from rigging the elections because the people of Ghana can no longer bear the suffering, destruction, and anguish brought on by this incompetent government.