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16.03.2007 General News

Love Wrestling Like I Do?

By Daily Graphic
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I remember when we used to be wrestling crazy that we used to spend all our pocket money on watching wrestle matches at what we used to call 'video cities'.

It was so much fun that we looked forward to matches involving great wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Culture, Yoko Zuna among others.

What made those days more interesting were the arguments that followed any match we watched. It ranged from who was the greatest wrestler to whether what we watched was real or acting.

Alas, we never found answers to these questions and yet we always craved to watch and re-invent the same wheel of argument.

Most of the wrestling greats whose strength, poise and sometimes ruthlessness drew us to the video cities begun to leave the industry and so did our interest in the game (that is if this barbaric thing could be called a game).

Later on, television made it possible for us to watch some of these people try to maim each other. That also stopped along the way, sadly.

Thanks to Metro TV we seem to have gone back to the days when one could not sleep without watching a wrestling match.

For sometime now I have been walking stealthily to the living room to watch it as the only person I live with is not a fun of the gory nature of the game and so prevents me from watching while she is awake.

My Wednesday nights have been booked for wrestling on Metro TV and I have not substituted it for anything in a long time. Gradually one is becoming a fan of some of the new breed of wrestlers and look forward to their matches.

I have become hooked to John Cena and anytime he is on, I sit up to watch him. Beside his fighting, one is also impressed with the theatrics he exhibits before the fight begins.

His military style hair cut, salute, T-shirt and shorts as well as the manner in which he clasps the title makes him look like a perfect gentleman (if one could refer to a wrestler so).

Other emerging stars from the Wednesday night escapades are the ruthless DX, the horrible and terrible Umaga and many others who have chosen to make money through this kind of vocation.

As I said earlier, in my youthful days, we wondered if wrestling was really for real or that it is adults trying to deceive spectators through antics and Hollywood style acting techniques.

As I write this piece I am yet to find answers to this question and would like somebody knowledgeable about the subject to give me answers.

However, not knowing whether it is real or not does not prevent me from enjoying one of the most gruesome sporting disciplines in the world.

I am looking forward to seeing my John Cena lay into another person both verbally and physically next Wednesday.

If you love wrestling and yet have not caught the craze on Metro TV then you are really missing out big time and need to get hooked on a programme that is gradually creating a cult viewership across the nation.

Make a date and remember to salute when Cena approaches.