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15.03.2007 General News

Establish committee to resolve differences- District Council

By : GNA

The Nkwanta District Security Council (DISEC) on Wednesday directed the establishment of a joint Committee of Kokombas and Fulanis in the District to help to resolve differences between them.

The 10-member Committee to be chaired by Jackson Jakayi, Presiding Member of the Nkwanta District Assembly, comprises Chiefs, opinion leaders and youth leaders from the two groups.

The Council also recommended the identification and registration of Fulani herdsmen and their leaders in the District for easy identification as part of efforts to pre-empt any clashes between them and the local people.

Kokombas and Fulanis in the District were involved in bloody clashes recently over alleged destruction of Kokomba farms by cattle belonging to Fulanis.

The tense situation almost drew the Police into the fray in their efforts to investigate the matter and to restore peace.

Joseph Booker Denteh, Nkwanta, District Chief Executive, told a stakeholders meeting on the impasse, that about 1,240 herds of cattle belonging to the Fulanis were believed to have been shot and killed or been displaced by Kokombas.

He said the Kokombas were enraged by the alleged destruction of their farms by cattle belonging to the Fulanis, who allegedly refused to compensate the aggrieved Kokombas.

He urged the aggrieved parties to embrace peace building initiatives.

Mr Sekyere Bruku, District Police Commander, said there was need for the Nkwanta Circuit Court to expedite action on claims for compensation brought against the Fulanis regarding the destruction of farms by their cattle.

Some of those who were at that meeting blamed chiefs in the area for giving a free hand to the Fulanis to operate in the District and to disregard the laws of the country after allegedly collecting "royalties" from them.

They maintained that the attacks on Fulanis and their cattle was out of frustration at the Fulanis refusal to pay compensation for the farms destroyed by their cattle.

Musah Ali and Wagus Nawa, Fulani and Kokomba Youth Leaders respectively, entreated their people to stop hostilities and co-exist peacefully.

Source: GNA