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14.03.2007 General News

Load Shedding Resumes Tomorrow

The load-shedding exercise which was put on hold during the climax of the country's Golden Jubilee celebrations will resume on Thursday, Marc 15.

Energy Minister, Josdeph Adda, who announced this in Accra, said the exercise would be reviewed to suit both the industrial and domestic sectors.

Mr Adda was speaking to the Daily Graphic after a thanksgiving service at the Glory Assemblies of God Church at Sakumono as part of activities marking the jubilee.

The loadshedding exercise, which began in August last year, is the result of the low level of water in the Volta Lake which supplies most of the country's energy needs.

Delivering a message, Mr Adda asked leaders in the country to use the occasion of Ghana's jubilee to chart a new course in its development.

That, he said, was necessary because the chequered experiences of the country's past resulted in some leaders placing their interests above the national good, resulting in under-development.

“We have had a chequered experience in which sometimes some of our leaders placed themselves first and even pretended to play God when, in fact, they should have placed God first,” he added.

He was optimistic that it was the God-fearing nature of Ghanaians that had spared the country calamities such as wars, famine and drought as pertained in other countries in the sub-region.

The minister said he believed it was the resolution of each Ghanaian to be 'born again', as indicated by the spiritual revival of the late 1980s which had given Ghana the benefit of its Golden Jubilee celebration.

Mr Adda said the celebrations, in his view, represented Ghana's second independence, adding that 1957 marked the country's independence from external oppression while the Golden Jubilee celebrations marked a liberation from internal oppression.

“We have a second opportunity, a golden opportunity, to strengthen our nation's development and ensure that everyone lives in peace and harmony,” Mr Adda said.

He called for God's guidance for leaders in the country throughout their tenure of office to live and rule in His fear so that all could benefit from His Grace and mercies.

Mr Adda donated ¢5 million to the church to be used to organise workshops and seminars for the youth.

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Rev William Dontoh, said Ghanaians had shown, through the Golden Jubilee, that they were of age and would always put the country first.

In his view, the Jubilee was opportune for the people to reflect on the role God had played in their survival and progress.

He commended all the political parties, the international community and all Ghanaians for massively participating in the event.

Story by Bella Frances Nkansah