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12.03.2007 General News

Wa Municipality Fetes Burkinabes


MR George Hikah Benson, Upper West Deputy Regional Minister on Wednesday said Ghana and Burkina Faso could further strengthen their good relations if they identified and promoted the things that were common to their peoples.

He said a common bond of kinship with similar languages, customs and traditions tied their citizens like Siamese twins in the past until boundaries were drawn to suit the interests of the colonialists.

Mr Benson, who is the Acting Municipal Chief Executive for Wa, made these remarks at a dinner party organized by the Assembly for a six-member delegation from Ouahigouya in Burkina Faso who attended the Golden Jubilee celebration of the country’s independence at Wa.

Mr Ouedraogo Hamidou, Deputy Mayor of Ouahigouya, who led the delegation, paid homage to the late Dr Kwame Nkrumah for being the touch bearer of the Independence struggle in the continent of Africa.

He observed that all African countries had gained political independence but those who colonized Africa still continued to control the direction of their economies and therefore the total salvation and emancipation of the continent lay in a strong African Union.

He asked their two regions to share experiences and skills in the production and preservation of agricultural products, which were often left to rot because of lack of market and preservation technologies.