Kudos to Ghana's former President John Mahama

Feature Article Kudos to Ghana's former President John Mahama
AUG 18, 2023 LISTEN

The most important lesson from the bankrupting of Mother Ghana, is that we must have leaders who not only are honest and selfless, but who also know how to forster productive private sector growth, because they have hands-on experience, of running successful businesses ethically, without burdening them with the endless piling on of taxes.

That is why news that former President Mahama is embarking on what will be one of largest farms in Ghana, is welcome news - if it is organic and has a profit-sharing smallholder stakeholder-farmers scheme incorporated in it, that is, and bedrocked on agro-processing and leverages agroforestry principles.

Some might opine that that is a tall order, but at a time when climate change is negatively impacting rural Ghana, the emphasis in the agricultural sector ought to be on promoting climate smart farming, which actually benefits people in local communities, through shared profits that empower the marginalised to bootstrap their own way out of poverty to financial independence, and also benefits the natural environment for humanity's shared biosphere, the planet Earth.

Towards that end, dear critical-reader, one humbly recommends that the former President and his project team, visit the showcase Garden of Eden, an organic agroforestry initiative, established at Angu, in the bountiful and beautiful Western Region, by the best available Ghanaian organic social impact agripreneur, and have discussions on agroforestry as climate smart organic farming, with the brilliant Issa Ouedraogo, the founder of B-BOVID (Building business on values, integrity and dignity). Kudos to former President Mahama!