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11.03.2007 General News

Man, 31, Kills His Mother

By spectator

Believing what a fetish priest told him that his mother was behind his predicament, a 31-year-old farmer lured his 70 year old mother to a river side, and subjected her to severe beatings to confess her sins.

Her screams attracted some residents but they arrived when she was dead.

Agbleke Apetorgbor immersed her head in the river and abandoned her body.

He took to his heels but could not go far as he was arrested and taken to the police where he confessed killing his mother.

Briefing The Spectator here at the weekend, Police Inspector Joy Afagbedzi of the Volta Regional Public Affairs Directorate said the suspect had been accusing his mother of being responsible for his poor health and poverty for the past years. He told some friends who advised him to consult an oracle, which confirmed his suspicion.

On February 14, this year, Agbleke lured his mother to the banks of River Todzi and subjected her to severe beatings until she fell unconscious.

While he was beating her, some citizens of the town heard her screams and rushed to the scene. To their surprise they saw that Agbleke had dragged her to the river bank and positioned her in a supine position. He took to his heels but they chased and arrested him.

During preliminary interrogation the suspect confessed the heinous crime and led the police to the scene.

After investigations Agbleke was provisionally charged with murder and put before court which remanded him to prison custody pending further investigation.