10.03.2007 Social News

43 Women Rape Husbands

By myjoyonline
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In an unusual circumstance, 43 women were reported to the Police to have raped their men last year.

All the cases have, however, been referred to the Attorney General's Department for advice.

The situation was however, different in 2005 as there was no recorded case.

Statistics at the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) indicated that 99 men were charged for rape at the same period last year.

In 2005, another 131 females were raped. There was however no record of a woman raping a man.

Inspector Irene Oppong, the Public Relations Officer of DOVVSU, disclosed this to The Spectator in an interview in Accra.

She said men are now coming out to report spouses who maltreat them because of the Domstic Violence Bill.

She noted that men were not reporting such cases in the past as they considered it to be a disgrace to themselves.

She said the situation had, however, changed as some men now walk confidently to the unit to report cases involving their spouses.

Asked how the men are raped, she said, that they are harassed and forced to sleep with their female counterparts, sometimes in deep sleep.