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Adenyasehene commissions toilet facility, says only evil men hates to see progress in community

Hon Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri initiator of the projects and Adenyasehene addressing the functionHon Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri initiator of the projects and Adenyasehene addressing the function
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The chief of Adenyase Nana Kusi Appiah on Saturday, August 12, 2023 commissioned a 24-seater ultra-modern toilet and bathroom facilities for the residents of Adenyase-Sawaba Electoral Area in the Asokore Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti region

Speaking as the chairman for the occasion, he observed that in every society sanitation plays a critical role in healthy living which is why he finds it prudent to commend the Assemblyman, Hon. Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri who initiated the project.

He stressed that for some years now, the electoral area has been deprived of decent toilet facilities, a situation he said, has led to open defecation in some parts of the electoral area.

He indicated that now that the newly constructed toilet facilities have been commissioned open defecation will be a thing of the past.

Nana Kusi Appiah advised the people to adopt a maintenance culture to take good care of the facilities to ensure it last longer.

Nana Appiah observed that people who hate to see progress in their communities should be seen as agents of doom who deserve to be condemned.

On his part, the Presiding Member of the Asokore Mampong Municipal, Mr Martin Arthur who represented the MCE Hon Kankam lauded Hon Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri Assemblyman for the area who initiated the project.

According to him, the government of Ghana is committed to the country's needs in the area of sanitation hence its collaboration with the World Bank to build cheaper household and institutional toilet facilities.

Hon Martin Amissah lauded the flagship bio-digester toilet project that has commenced in the Greater Accra and Kumasi Metropolitan Areas under the Ghana government and World Bank collaboration.

He further charged the residents to take advantage of the GKMA bio-digester toilet projects and register their names to benefit.

The Sarkin Zongo of Sawaba, Alhaji Offa called on the residents to comport themselves when using the facilities and avoid using them as wee smoking base.

He praised Hon Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri for the project and sought the blessings of God upon him for long life and prosperity.

In his brief thanksgiving message to end the program Hon. Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri, who spearheaded the facility intimated that he embarked on the projects based on the promises he made to the residents at the time he was soliciting their support to become the Assemblyman for the area.

"I have completed the projects for you but what l expect from you is your proper attention to use the facilities to last for the benefit of all," Hon Samuel Kolebil Dusbuuri stated.

He thanked the chief of the area, Nana Kusi Appiah, residents, MCE and the entire Assemblymembers of the area whose support and prayers his dream has come to reality.

The program attracted among others party functionaries from both the ruling New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress, traditional leaders, sanitation and environmental experts, bankers and Assemblymembers within the municipality.

King Amoah
King Amoah

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