Why the minister of agriculture in charge of food crops ought to meet with Issa Ouedraogo

Feature Article Why the minister of agriculture in charge of food crops ought to meet with Issa Ouedraogo
AUG 15, 2023 LISTEN

At a time when climate change is impacting rural Ghana so negatively, it is most unfortunate that the minister of agriculture, in charge of food crops, has been led to believe that it is large-scale commercial farming, which will ensure food security for Mother Ghana. Pity.

Obviously, the minister listens to the advice of the senior public officials who run his turf for him, in effect - and, they, as even little school children know, are beholden to the powerful synthetic agrochemical importers, who spend zillions lobbying in the corridors of power, to ensure that immune-system-wrecking agrochemicals, go on underpinning Ghanaian farming, instead of our country converting to 100 percent farming as a post pandemic public health initiative.

For the sake of Mother Ghana, and to ensure food security, at a time when regenerative climate-smart organic farming, leveraging agroforestry principles, is the only viable path to ensuring food security for our homeland Ghana, one humbly recommends that the minister for agric in charge of food crops, consults one of the world's best social impact organic agripreneurs, who is a son-of-the-soil, from our bountiful and beautiful Western Region: the indomitable and brilliant Issa Ouedraogo.

Issa Oeudraogo's climate-smart social impact profit-sharing organic farming business model, ensures that all the value-chain's smallholder stakeholder-farmers, benefit from the premium prices the fruits of their labour make possible. It has benefited many smallholder farmers (about 3,000 including around 1000 females), whom Issa intends to formally make his business partners, when he regains control of the company he founded, B-BOVID, from Moringa, who signed an unconscionable partnership agreement with him, and now seek to exploit our justice delivery system, to legalise an illegitimacy, and hijack his beloved company from him.

Issa founded B-BOVID, with US$ 800, 000 of his savings from the six-figure salary he earned at Saudi Telecom, plus a loan of US$1 million, from the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), to enable him give back to society, for his good fortune in life, as an orphan-made-good, who made it, despite the deprivation he experienced growing up - none of which ever stopped him from fighting to achieve his goals in life.

The minister for food and agriculture in charge of food crops, would be wise to go to the Western Region, to meet with Issa Ouedraogo, to witness at first hand, from inspecting his Garden of Eden agroforestry project, to enable him envisage at first hand, what the future of farming in Ghana, ought to be like, providing jobs for young people, and creating wealth that remains locally empowering smallholder farmers to bootstrap their own way to financial independence, at a time when climate change is impacting rural Ghana so negatively. A word to the wise...