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09.03.2007 General News

Arrest of ill-attired taxi drivers starts next week

By myjoyonline

From next Monday, police in the capital will begin arresting obstinate taxi drivers who refuse to wear the Accra Metropolitan Assembly's prescribed uniform of light blue shirt and blue black trousers.

The AMA issued the directive early this year saying taxi drivers need to look smart.

In an interview with Joy News, the Special Assistant to the Mayor of Accra, Ali Baba Abature, said it was untrue that the uniforms are to be worn only after taxi drivers have had their cars embossed with security numbers.

He said the two were separate issues but the AMA expects drivers to comply with both.

Mr. Baba said the police has been asked to arrest drivers who do not wear their uniform.

On the request by the taxi drivers to extend the deadline for uniforms Mr. Baba said that is not possible but rather it has extended the deadline for registration and embossment of vehicles with security numbers till next Thursday March 15.

Mr. Baba conceded that though there have been delays in embossing the cars, efforts are being made to speed up the process.

The security embossment is to help the AMA keep a watch over taxis operating in the metropolis. The AMA says the police will also arrest drivers who do not have their cars embossed with the security numbers after next Thursday.