CMG Consult CEO Alifa Adams donates stationary to school kids, supports people of Bawku with food, other essential items

Donations CMG Consult CEO Alifa Adams donates stationary to school kids, supports people of Bawku with food, other essential items

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Central Migration Grace Consult Ltd (CMG Consult), Alifa Adams has shown commitment towards education, community advancement, and humanitarian support in Bawku in the Upper East Region.

This week he made a donation to school children in Bawku and presented food to the people.

This is a continuation of his significant contributions which have evolved beyond business leadership to embody a philanthropic force committed to uplifting the community, advancing education, and offering vital humanitarian aid.

Through his initiative, Alifa Adams has distributed 5,000 pairs of male and female shoes for school-going children, 5,000 exercise books to facilitate learning and growth, as well as 5,000 school bags to students for their educational journey.


Beyond donating essential educational materials to schools within the municipality, Adams extended his support to address multiple community needs.

He has provided 10 amplifiers with speakers and microphones for local mosques, 200 prayer mats, and 200 pieces of Jalabia clothing to enable individuals to participate in prayers with reverence.


Other things provided to the community include 5,000 tasbia (prayer beads) to foster a deeper connection to spiritual practices, and 200 shajada (prayer rugs) to elevate the prayer experience for many.

Recognizing the importance of clothing and basic necessities, Adams went further by contributing 5,000 sets of second-hand clothing as a way of extending a helping hand to individuals in need.


In addition, he supplied 1,000 bags of rice and 1,060 packs of oil to address fundamental dietary requirements for families.

In his bid to promote hygiene and the well-being of girls, Alifa Adams also handed out 1,080 packs of sanitary pads to young girls and women, insisting that women's health and dignity are key.


This multifaceted initiative was orchestrated with the collaboration of a dynamic team of local youths who worked tirelessly on behalf of Alifa Adams.

Their active involvement reflects the unity and collaboration essential for meaningful community upliftment.

The donation event garnered heartfelt gratitude from Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA), school principals, religious leaders, and community members alike. The impact of this comprehensive effort resonates deeply, touching upon education, spirituality, basic needs, and community growth.

As the CEO of CMG Consult and a dedicated philanthropist, Alifa Adams and his team stand as an embodiment of compassion, rapid response, and genuine commitment to fostering positive change.

This initiative not only bolsters education and community support but also reinforces the potential for transformative progress when collective efforts converge.

Amid the promise of Bawku's revitalization, Alifa Adams' multifaceted philanthropic endeavor shines as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace compassion and contribute to meaningful change.

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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