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08.03.2007 General News

Our Disappointment

National pride was on full display last Tuesday as Ghanaians collectively celebrated the nation's 50th birthday. The day, especially the mammoth attendance at the Independence Square parade, is likely to be remembered by many for a long time to come.

Those same people are again likely to remember forever that the President disappointed them with what he wore for the occasion.

The whole world was watching Ghana on that day and the general feeling was that the President should have taken the opportunity to flaunt something very Ghanaian.

All agree that he has the prerogative to wear what he likes to whatever function. As the chief executive of the state, however, his actions and utterances will always be of interest to people, most of whom appear to wish him well.

One may say Ghanaians are now stretching patriotism too far to include what the President wears , especially on very important formal occasions, but Showbiz does not consider that as a bad thing.

It only means that the people recognize the stake they have in how the country is projected to the outside world and are ready to voice out their opinions.

That in itself is credit to the President and his government for the prevailing atmosphere of free expression.

It must be maintained to deepen democracy and also make the people aware that it is their right to comment on every issue, including what the President wears in public.