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08.03.2007 General News

Ghana named in rental scam


YARMOUTH - Yarmouth Police are warning landlords of an apparent rental scam after a local resident was reportedly duped out of $3,500. The incident was reported to the Yarmouth Police Department on February 21st by the homeowner who stated that he received a response to his Internet advertisement of his rental property.

The interested person agreed to rent the home for two weeks in March for $3,500. The caller sent a cashiers check to the homeowner for $7,500. Upon receipt of the check-the homeowner received another message asking for $3,500 back for travel expenses. The homeowner sent $3,500 through Western Union. A short time later, the homeowner was informed that the original cashiers check of $7,500 was counterfeit.

• The name used by the alleged renter was John Kensington of Accra, Ghana.

• The name of the person sending the check on behalf of Kensington was Tom Smith of Houston, Texas.

• The counterfeit cashiers check indicated that it was drawn from a bank in Honolulu, Hawaii.

• The victim sent the $3,500 cash to James Toro of Accra, Ghana.

All of the information provided to the homeowner has been determined to be false. The Yarmouth Police Department is issuing this bulletin as a crime prevention warning and is seeking information from the general public. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact Yarmouth Police Detective Sergeant Kevin P. Lennon at 508-775-0445 extension 132.

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