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07.03.2007 General News

Rev Jackson Says Ghana Remains Leader In Political Stability


Reverend Jesse Jackson, American civil and human rights campaigner, who is in Ghana to participate in the country's Golden Jubilee, yesterday noted that Ghana remained a leader in political stability, which was good for Africa and the rest of the world.

He said Ghana, one of the shining stars of Africa, was being held in high esteem through out the world for her stable democracy and economic growth, adding that the achievement could attract more people into the country.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Rev Jackson urged Ghana and U.S to maintain the strong relationship, called on the U.S to increase aid to Ghana, and also to increase its trade with the country and reduce debts that Ghana owed her. He also appealed to the U.S to increase its support for the prevention of malaria and guinea worm in Ghana and urged the country to maintain its political stability and to export more cocoa to the U.S.

Rev Jackson said he was closely connected to the ideals of the assassinated human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jnr. He said, "We believe in democracy, and transparency, and that all citizens should benefit from the resources of their countries so that they can be able to help the poor and deliver the needy."

Rev Jackson said religion should help reconcile people and that it was unnecessary for people to fight because they did not share the same belief.

On Ghana's 50th independence anniversary, he said: "It is a huge historic moment, which I want to be part of. I owe it a duty to uphold the legacy of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first president and Martin Luther King Jnr and to continue the struggle for the attainment of human rights and economic security.

Rev Jackson, who is also the Head of Rainbow Push Coalition in the U.S, a human rights organisation, twice contested for presidential elections in the U.S but failed to be elected.